Giovan Battista Ludovisi

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Giovan Battista Ludovisi (John Baptist Ludovisi) (1647 - 24 August 1699) was son and heir of Niccolò I Ludovisi and his third wife Costanza Pamphili.

Giovan inherited his father's domains, including the Principality of Piombino on 1 September 1665. In 1690 he sold Ottoboni to the Duchy of Fiano. He was viceroy in India. [1]

Giovan married in 1669 to Mary, daughter of William Ramon de Moncada, Marquis of Aytona. Mary died in Rome in 1694 without leaving children. In 1697 Giovan married a second time with Anna Furnari, this marriage produced one son, Nicholas, who succeeded his father but died in 1700 aged only one.

After the death of the young Nicholas, Giovan's sister Olimpia succeeded as Princess of Piombino; on her death his younger sister Ippolita succeeded, she left surviving children.


  1. ^ Translation from Catalan Wikipedia
Preceded by
Niccolò Ludovisi
Prince of Piombino
Succeeded by
Olimpia Ludovisi