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Girl Geek Dinners is an informal organisation that promotes women in the Information technology industry.[1] Girl Geek Dinners has 64 established chapters in 23 countries.[2] Girl Geek Dinners was founded in London, United Kingdom in August 2005 by Sarah Lamb (nee Blow) who was tired of being the only woman at technical events.[3]

Chapters organise local events with a range of female and male speakers with the majority of attendees being female. As the name suggests, it's like a geekdinner but with one important difference. The formula is that men can only attend as invited guests of female attendees, which ensures that women will never be outnumbered by the men at an event.

A typical event will be an informal dinner (often held in a restaurant that accepts group events but it can also be a finger food buffet) followed by a presentation (sometimes more than one) by someone with a depth of knowledge and a passion for their chosen subject area.



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