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Demo album (Bootleg) by Girly-Sound
Recorded 1991
Genre Indie rock
Label self-released
Producer Liz Phair
Girly-Sound chronology
Exile in Guyville
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Girly-Sound is the name under which singer-songwriter Liz Phair recorded several self-produced cassettes in 1991. The cassettes were later made available as bootlegs and some tracks have been officially released. Girly-Sound is also the name used to refer to the demos or bootlegs collectively. The recordings have been called "legendary" by Spin Magazine[2] and by AllMusic "one of the most popular and sought-after alternative rock bootlegs of all time".[1]


Recorded on a 4-track tape recorder in her childhood bedroom at her parents' house, copies of the tapes were initially given by Phair to only two people: Chris Brokaw and Tae Won Yu. However, copies of the Girly-Sound tapes were passed from person to person and became somewhat of a sensation in the American tape trading/zine subculture.[3] Brokaw later told Rolling Stone how he had urged Phair to record something and a few months later received one 14-song tape, getting the second 14-song tape a month after that.[4] In 1992, Phair signed a deal with Matador Records on the strength of a tape she had sent in consisting of 6 Girly-Sound songs.[4][5][6]


Phair has frequently gone back and reworked many of the songs for her studio albums throughout her career: she told Rolling Stone "I go in there and rip stuff off – it's like a library".[4] Phair's debut album Exile in Guyville is largely a reworking of songs from these tapes.[3] However, some of these tracks were modified in ways that altered the meaning and made them more mainstream-acceptable: in "Flower" the line "I’ll fuck you and your girlfriend, too" was changed to "I’ll fuck you and your minions, too", removing the queer subtext.[7]

Five songs were officially released in 1995 on the Juvenilia EP and a bonus disc of ten Girly-Sound songs was included with the physical release of Phair's 2010 album Funstyle.[5] Additional tracks appeared on the reissue of Exile in Guyville.[8]


Although originally consisting of a total of three cassettes, the most common version of the Girly-Sound tapes that circulated among Phair's fans was an incomplete two-disc compilation of songs from all three tapes, released on the Bliss and Fetish bootleg label, and processed with harsh digital noise reduction. An earlier bootleg compilation of Girly-Sound material, Secretly Timid, was also circulated. Early in 2006, mp3s of first-generation copies of the first two tapes were introduced via Phair's online community, bringing to light the original track listing, correct song names, tape titles, and introducing a number of songs that did not appear on the previous Girly-Sound bootlegs. The third Girly-Sound tape and information of its complete contents remains elusive. As a result, the tapes are still one of the most sought-after alternative-rock bootlegs.

Critical reaction[edit]

AllMusic rated the demos 4.5/5, noting some weak tracks but finding others "as tuneful and provoking as anything on her official albums".[1]

Three tape track listing[edit]

Yo Yo Buddy Yup Yup Word to Ya Muthuh[edit]

All tracks written by Liz Phair, unless otherwise noted.

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "White Babies" (also known as "Black Market White Baby Dealer") 3:15
2. "Shane" 4:49
3. "Six Dick Pimp" (also known as "Willie the Six-Dicked Pimp" and "Give Me My Boyfriend Back") 3:25
4. "Divorce Song" 3:54
5. "Go West" 3:42
6. "Don't Hold Your Breath" (also known as "If I Ever Pay You Back") 4:15
7. "Johnny Sunshine" 4:01
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Miss Lucy"   2:37
2. "Elvis Song" (also known as "Elvis, Be True")   5:02
3. "Dead Shark"   3:32
4. "One Less Thing"   4:46
5. "Money"   3:43
6. "In Love With Yourself"   4:04
7. "Fuck or Die" Phair, Johnny Cash 3:20

Girls! Girls! Girls![edit]

All tracks written by Liz Phair, unless otherwise noted.

Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Hello Sailor"   6:08
2. "Wild Thing" Phair, Chip Taylor 3:54
3. "Fuck and Run"   4:38
4. "Easy Target" (also known as "Do You Love Me?" and "It's in My Kiss")   5:07
5. "Soap Star Joe"   3:25
6. "Ant in Alaska" (also known as "I Know it's Not Easy")   7:13
7. "Girls! Girls! Girls!"   7:28
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Polyester Bride" 7:46
2. "Thrax" 4:47
3. "Miss Mary Mack" 4:33
4. "Clean" (also known as "Never Said") 4:00
5. "Love Song" 6:25
6. "Valentine" 4:19
7. "Shatter" 6:51

Untitled Tape 3[edit]

(Original order of tracks unknown)

All tracks written by Liz Phair, unless otherwise noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Flower"   2:38
2. "Suckerfish[9]" (also known as "Speed Racer" and "Go, Speed Racer")   1:41
3. "Open Season" (also known as "Beg Me")   2:49
4. "Slave" (also known as "What Makes You a Slave") Phair, Jim Reid, William Reid 3:45
5. "Bomb[9]" (also known as "Stratford-on-Guy")   3:11
6. "Gigalo" (also known as "Can't Get Out of What I'm Into")   3:15
7. "Whip-Smart[9]" (also known as "Double-Dutch") Phair, Malcolm McLaren 3:20
8. "Easy" (also known as "It's Not That Easy")   3:13
9. "South Dakota"   4:15
10. "California" (also known as "Why I Left California")   2:38
11. "Chopsticks"   1:51
12. "Batmobile" (also known as "Fire Up the Batmobile")   3:06

Re-recorded songs[edit]

Year Album Song
1991 Chinny Chin Chin: 4 N.Y. Bands "White Babies"
1993 Exile in Guyville
"Divorce Song"
"Johnny Sunshine"
"Wild Thing"
"Fuck and Run"
"Soap Star Joe"
"Ant in Alaska"
"Girls! Girls! Girls!"
"Clean" (as "Never Said")
"Bomb" (as "Stratford-on-Guy")
1994 Whip-Smart "Shane"
"Go West"
"Thrax" (as "Jealousy")
1996 Brain Candy Soundtrack "Six Dick Pimp"
1998 whitechocolatespaceegg "Money" (as "Shitloads of Money")
"Polyester Bride"
"Thrax" (as "Tell Me You Like Me")
2005 Somebody's Miracle "Gigalo" (as "Can't Get Out of What I'm Into")
  • "Ant in Alaska" and "Wild Thing" were both re-recorded for Exile in Guyville, but did not appear until the 2008 reissue. The latter only appeared on the advanced promotional copy of the reissue.
  • "Thrax" was partially re-recorded as "Jealousy" and included on Whip-Smart.
  • "Gigalo" was re-recorded as "Can't Get Out of What I'm Into" for Somebody's Miracle, but was only included on the Japanese release and advanced promotional copy.

Song Appearances[edit]

Year Album Song
1995 Juvenilia "California"
"South Dakota"
"Dead Shark"
1997 Chasing Amy Soundtrack "California"
2010 Funstyle (bonus disc) "Miss Mary Mack"
"White Babies"
"Elvis Song"
"Speed Racer"
"In Love With Yourself"
"Wild Thing"
"Love Song"
"Don't Hold Your Breath"
  • Fragments from "In Love With Yourself", "Johnny Sunshine," and "Money" appeared on the "Supernova" single, condensed into one track called "Combo Platter (Girlysound)". The "Johnny Sunshine" fragment is played backwards.


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