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Giselle Itié
Gisele Itiê 02.jpg
Giselle Itié, June 2011.
Born Giselle Itié Ramos
(1982-10-03) October 3, 1982 (age 35)
Mexico City, Mexico
Height 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)[1]
Spouse(s) Emilio Dantas (2014–2015)

Giselle Itié Ramos (born October 3, 1982) is a Mexican-Brazilian actress. Itié is best known for her roles as Anabela Palhares in the Brazilian television series Bela, a Feia and as Sandra in the Action movie The Expendables.

In 2001, she started her career as an actress in a Brazilian telenovela. In 2009, she debuted as protagonist in the telenovela Bela, a Feia, the Brazilian version[2] for the Colombian Yo soy Betty, la fea. Giselle Itié also took part in the film The Expendables, co-written, directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone.


Giselle came to Brazil as a child. Her father and mother lost everything in the terrible earthquake that destroyed Mexico City, in 1985.[3][4] She was born to a Mexican father and a Brazilian mother from São Paulo. Due to the earthquake in 1985, she moved with her family to her mother's native Brazil.

Giselle lied to her family to pursue her artistic career: telling her father that she needed money to pay for a gym membership, she instead spent the money on a theater course at Televisa, the leading television station in Mexico. For eight months the actress stayed at the home of relatives in Mexico, convinced that she wanted to continue pursuing an acting career.[4]


Her long standing desire to work as an actress finally came true at age 18. Disheartened by her modeling career, she signed up for an audition Os Maias after much insistence by an employee of Elite Model Management.[4] Two months later, after auditioning with Rede Globo of the monologue Engraçadinha: Seus Amores e Seus Pecados, his loves and sins, Nelson Rodrigues, the station received a statement confirming the interpreter as Lola in the miniseries.[4] The character in question was a courtesan, forcing forced the Itie to dispense with her shyness during some spicy scenes. Still, Giselle was frustrated after Os Maias. Although she expected the series to be renewed in global production, it wasn't.[4]

Giselle Itié in January 2006.

The same year 2001, she accepted an audition for Pícara Sonhadora,[5] adapted from the original Mexican production and revivals of soap operas in the core SBT. Gisele won the role of villain Bárbara, lover of the protagonist played by Petrônio Gontijo.

She was then called by the director Luiz Fernando Carvalho who offered her the character Eulália of Esperança, 2002.[6]

In 2004 she was one of the protagonists of the novel Começar de Novo[7] and in 2005 participated in the Mandrake series, for HBO Brazil.[4] In 2006, she was also one of the protagonists of the show Avassaladoras.[8] In the same year, she served in the novel Pé na Jaca.[4]

In 2007, he attended the show in Portugal O Mistério da Estrada de Sintra.[4] That same year participated is of the novel O Profeta,[9] is of the third edition of the framework of Domingão do Faustão called "Dança no Gelo". It was going well, getting featured in the program, but a head injury[10][11][12] leads to stop her taking part in the picture. The actress has recovered from the injury without sequelae.

In 2008, she participated in several episodes of the series and Casos e Acasos and Faça Sua História.[4]

In 2009, she worked in a movie, Inversão of Edu Felistoque.[13] That same year, the actress was the protagonist of the novel Bela, a Feia aired by Rede Record.[14]

The following year debuted the film The Expendables, in which she played Sandra, opposite Sylvester Stallone.[15][16]

In 2012, she was one of the protagonists of the telenovela Máscaras of Rede Record.[17] It was the same year in two foreign films, On the Road of Walter Salles Jr.,[18] and was the film's protagonist Chilean Caleuche: El llamado del mar.[19]

Between 2015 and 2016, she played Zipporah in Os Dez Mandamentos.[20]

Personal life[edit]

In 2014, Itié married actor Emilio Dantas.[21] In the same year, she had to leave the cast of Vitória, were she would have interpreted the character Renata (which was subsequently interpreted by Maytê Piragibe), due to a motorcycle accident during their honeymoon in Thailand.[22] In 2015, she and actor Emilio Dantas separate. On November 11, 2015, Giselle, she assumes her relationship with the actor Guilherme Winter.[23][24]



Year Title Role Notes
2001 Os Maias Lola
Pícara Sonhadora Bárbara
2002 Esperança Eulália
2003 Carga Pesada Owner of the orphanage Episode: "Carga Perecível"[25]
Kubanacan Belinda
2004 Começar de Novo Júlia Magnani
2005 Oi, Mundo Afora Presenter
Mandrake Amparo Episode: "Amparo"
2006 Avassaladoras Silvinha
Pé na Jaca Dalila Palhares Episodes: "November 25, 2006–January 27, 2007"
2007 Nome de Código: Sintra Carmen
O Profeta Sabine Levy Episodes: "March 5–May 8, 2007"
Dança no Gelo Herself Participant (Domingão do Faustão's reality show)
2008 Faça Sua História Maria da Glória Episode: "A Vingadora Capixaba"
Casos e Acasos Manuela Episode: "O Triângulo, a Tia Raquel e o Pedido"
Casos e Acasos Lara Episode: "Quem Passou a Noite Comigo?"
Casos e Acasos Cristina Episode: "A Dominatrix, a Venda e a Babá"
Faça Sua História Guadalupe Episode: "O Sósia"
2009 Bela, a Feia Anabela Palhares/Valentina Carvalho
2010 Inferno: The Making of The Expendables Herself Documentary
2012 Máscaras Manuella Marim
O Milagre dos Pássaros Sabô Special End of Year
2014 Hoje em Dia Guest Presenter Episodes: "21-30 July 2014"[26][27]
2015 Milagres de Jesus Noemi Episode: "A Mulher Adúltera"[28]
As Canalhas Kheyla Episode: "Marta"[29]
Os Dez Mandamentos Zipporah
2017 Belaventura Selena Falcon


Year Title Role Notes
2004 A Babá Dos Anjos
2007 O Mistério da Estrada de Sintra Carmen
2008 Mais Uma História no Rio Michele Ferraz Short film
2009 Flordelis - Basta uma Palavra para Mudar Cláudia
2010 Inversão Mila
The Expendables Sandra Garza
2012 On the Road Tonia
Caleuche: El llamado del mar Isabel Millalobos
2014 Syndrome Sarah [30]
2016 Os Dez Mandamentos: O Filme Zipporah


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