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Giv'ot Olam

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Giv'ot Olam
Giv'ot Olam is located in the West Bank
Giv'ot Olam
Giv'ot Olam
Coordinates: 32°09′35″N 35°21′08″E / 32.1598081°N 35.352118°E / 32.1598081; 35.352118Coordinates: 32°09′35″N 35°21′08″E / 32.1598081°N 35.352118°E / 32.1598081; 35.352118
District Judea and Samaria Area
Council Shomrom
Region West Bank
Founded 1998
Founded by Avri Ran

Giv'ot Olam (Hebrew: גבעות עולם‎‎, lit. Hills of Eternity) is an organic farm and Israeli settlement outpost in the Samarian hills of the West Bank. Located 4.5 kilometres south-east of Itamar, it falls under the jurisdiction of Shomron Regional Council.

The outpost was established in late 1998 by Avri Ran, a right wing activist and organic farmer who raises free-range chickens and sells their eggs on the organic food market.[1]

The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.[2]

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  1. ^ Traubmann, Tamara (2 August 2007). "It's organic, but where was it grown?". Haaretz. Retrieved 4 April 2011. Shortly after human rights lawyer Michael Sfard and Nirit Ben-Horin of Tel Aviv joined the city's organic co-op, they began to suspect that the free-range eggs the group was buying came from a farm on an illegal outpost. The farmer, right-wing activist Avri Ran, lives on the outpost of Gva'ot Olam, south of Itamar in the northern West Bank. Ran, a leader of the Hilltop Youth, is also a local organic farming guru. After Sfard and Ben-Horin confirmed the source of the eggs, they left the co-op. 
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