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Type of site
Blog (user-generated)
Owners Emerson Spartz and Gaby Spartz
Slogan(s) "Life is beautiful today!"
Launched May 31, 2009
Current status Closed- 2016

GivesMeHope (GMH) was founded in May 2009 in response to the popular site, FMyLife (FML), itself a spin-off of popular French website[1] It is part of the Spartz Media Network.[2] On the site, people share with the world their most hopeful, uplifting moments while answering the question, "what gives you hope?"[3] According to Quantcast, GivesMeHope receives over 500,000 hits every day.[4] As of August 5, 2009, the website has over 160,000 fans on Facebook.[5] A book containing stories from the site was released in the Fall of 2010[6]


The site was co-founded by Notre Dame graduates Emerson Spartz and Gaby Montero.[7] Exhausted by the negativity of the media, they created GivesMeHope.[8] The two refer to the site as "Chicken Soup for the Soul – the 21st Century, Twitter-style version."[3]

GivesMeHope has inspired movements of hope across the country. At Henry M. Gunn high school in Palo Alto, California, four students committed suicide in a period of 8 months. To cope with the grief, students created a blog, modeled after GivesMeHope, to provide a place for members of the community to share their uplifting experiences at the school. The blog was named HMGGMH (Henry M. Gunn Gives Me Hope).[9]

Another movement of hope inspired by GivesMeHope is Operation Beautiful, a website whose mission is to end "Fat Talk.” [10] Participants of Operation Beautiful leave anonymous post-it notes with encouraging messages in public places for other women to find and be inspired by.[11]

The site has received attention from the media due to its uplifting nature.[12] On August 2, 2010, CNN stated that GivesMeHope was a website that may "help renew your faith in the goodness of the human experience." CNN described the stories as "sentimental and, at times, almost heartbreakingly sweet."[13]

On December 30, 2009, the two launched a GivesMeHope spin-off site (LGMH). The site aimed at those who "can't get enough of the love stories on GivesMeHope".[14] As of August 5, 2010, LoveGivesMeHope has over 160,000 fans on Facebook.[15] The stories are shared widely on platforms such as Facebook. Since February 1, 2010, the site has produced some stories that have been shared over 565,000 times on Facebook.[16]


On August 3, 2010, the two creators officially announced that a book was planned for release in Autumn 2010. The book was published by Ulysses Press, and is a combination of old and new illustrated anecdotes from the website.[5]

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