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Glenbogle Station
Glenbogle station sign at Broomhill.

Glenbogle is a fictional Scottish estate, created by Compton Mackenzie in his Highland novels, and featured in the BBC series Monarch of the Glen. The novels place the estate near Ben Nevis (one of the laird's titles is "The Ben Nevis"; his wife is styled "The Lady of Ben Nevis"),[1] but the series is filmed in and around the Cairngorms, Badenoch and Strathspey, with Ben Nevis replaced by the fictional Ben Bogle.

In the books and series, the estate has historic connections with the neighbouring Kilwillie and Drumsticket estates. In the books, it also has connections with the islands of Little Todday and Great Todday, best known from Mackenzie's Whisky Galore.

Locations in the estate mentioned in the books include Ben Booey, Ben Glass and Ben Gorm (the Three Sisters of Glenbogle); Loch na Craosniach (the Loch of the Spear); Glenbristle; the River Bogle; Strathdiddle; Loch Hoch; and Drumcockie Moor. Loch Hoch and the Three Sisters mark the borders of the estate. The Television series has added more locations, including Ben Bogle (as mentioned above) and Glenbogle Loch. The series also introduced Glenbogle town; in the books there is specifically no town near the estate.

In the TV series, some of the town scenes are filmed in Kingussie and Laggan, while scenes involving the loch use Loch Laggan. The majority of the program was filmed on and around the Ardverikie Estate situated on the South-East bank of Loch Laggan, with Ardverikie House depicting Glenbogle Castle. Several scenes in the series were set at Glenbogle Station. These were filmed at Broomhill Station, near Nethy Bridge. This station is the terminus of the Strathspey Railway, a restored steam railway.

The MacDonalds of Glenbogle have a traditional rivalry with the MacIntoshes. According to the novels, Hector of the Great Jaw speared eleven MacIntoshes and drowned them in Loch na Craosniach (hence, presumably, the name). His descendant, the ninth laird (also named Hector), was involved in numerous disputes with the MacIntoshes, responding to one outrage by roasting 45 of them in a church. The series shows the feud continuing to the present day; in the third series, Stuart MacIntosh plans to avenge his clan by buying the estate from the bank, should the MacDonalds lose it.

The estate's near bankruptcy has been a recurring theme in the series. Attempts to rectify this have included a wildlife preserve (with wolves), a jam-making concern (Glenbogle Preserves), and a plan to make Glenbogle Castle into a hotel. It may be assumed that the first two enterprises are continuing; the third failed to gain start-up capital.

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