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Glintshake at Saint Petersburg on 11 July 2014
Background information
OriginMoscow, Russia
Genresgarage, indie, psychedelic, punk rock
Years active2012 (2012) – present
  • Ekaterina Shilonosova
  • Yevgeni Gorbunov
  • Yegor Sargsyan
  • Alexey Yevlanov
Past members
  • Dmitry Midborn
  • Vasily Nikitin

Glintshake (Russian: ГШ) is a Russian rock band, playing music in genres of indie[1] and art punk rock, before 2015 of garage,[2], psychedelic[3] and punk rock.[4] It was founded in 2012 in Moscow and now consist of Ekaterina Shilonosova (vocal, guitar), Yevgeni Gorbunov (guitar), Yegor Sargsyan (bass guitar) and Alexey Yevlanov (drums).



The founders of the band Ekaterina Shilonosova and Yevgeni Gorbunov got acquainted in Kazan. In 2011, Ekaterina moved to Moscow, where the band was founded next year.[2] The debut EP Freaky Man was recorded by Ekaterina and Yevgeni together and published to the web in June, 2012.[5] In October, they presented a music video on the title track "Freaky Man",[6] starring artist Alexander Krivoshapkin.[7] The full membership of Glintshake was compiled also in October:[5] bassist Dmitry Midborn and drummer Vasily Nikitin joined the band. Each of the member had already had experience in the music projects: Shilonosova in MAKE and NV, Gorbunov in NRKTK and Stoned Boys, Midborn in Tesla Boy and On-The-Go, Nikitin in Foojitsu.

The first gig was played in Kazan on 17 November 2012.[8] In March 2013, Glintshake released the second EP Evil,[1] after which they were invited to several major festivals in Moscow: Bosco Fresh Fest, Afisha Picnic and Faces & Laces.[9] In August, the band acted as warm-up for The Smashing Pumpkins on the Stadium Live in Moscow.[10] In the autumn, Dmitry Midborn left Glintshake, and the bassist place was taken by Yegor Sargsyan from the band Trud.[11] At the beginning of the next year, drummer Vasily Nikitin was replaced by Alexey Yevlanov from The Twiggys.[12][13]

In May 2014, the band released their debut album Eyebones.[14]

Then, in May 2014, Glintshake released a clip on the first from the album song "Wiuwiuwiu", which was filmed on iPhone and edited in a single day.[16] On 10 November, they released a EP Nano Banana, recorded in a new studio near Moscow owned by Xuman Records label.[17] According to Yevgeni Gorbunov, the EP was "free in terms of style", due to the band began to go away from 90s music influence.[18] At the end of 2014, Glintshake recorded a song "New Year of Hate" especially for New Year's project of Afisha.[19]

2015 – present[edit]

Early in 2015 the band re-recorded the song "Mu" from the Nano Banana EP, performed it in Russian. According to Shilonosova, the original English text a little overlap with Russian, because the song hasn't been translated, but re-written, however its meaning and general atmosphere have not been changed.[20] Re-recorded "Му" and new "New Year of Hate" were released in deluxe version of Nano Banana in June.[21] In September, a clip on the song "Wrong Anthem" was released, created by illustrator Alexander Kostenko.[22]

At the same time the band announced, that "good old Glintshake is coming to an end, but new and evil one is starting off".[23] In an interview with the website FURFUR, Yevgeni Gorbunov said, that the band decided to withdraw from 90s alternative rock influence, stop singing in English and make a full turn in work. "…We've got a whole bunch of our own stuff: Zvuki Mu, russian avant-garde."[18] In October, Glintshake released the first from the upcoming album song "Без пятнадцати пять" (Bez pyatnadtsati pyat', A quarter to five) and a clip on it,[24] and next month they released the second song "Тени" (Teni, Shadows).[25]

In 2016, the band released an album of songs in Russian called ОЭЩ МАГЗИУ—a cryptic acronym in Russian, which can be pronounced as OESCH MAGZIU.

Band members[edit]



  • 2014 – Eyebones
  • 2016 – ОЭЩ МАГЗИУ


  • 2012 – Freaky Man[26]
  • 2013 – Evil[1]
  • 2014 – Dive
  • 2014 – Nano Banana[17]


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