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globalDoodle Pty. Ltd.
Industry Internet
Founded May 3rd, 2011
Headquarters Bemboka, New South Wales, Australia
Key people
Helmut Eder, Neil Domselaar, Founders.
Revenue Unknown

globalDoodle is a website which allows users to draw, either individually or collaboratively in real time, on a giant, digital piece of paper measuring 16 km².


Development on globalDoodle started in October 2010, launching a 6-week beta testing period in March 2011. The launch team consisted of Helmut Eder and Neil Domselaar.

The site came out of beta testing and officially launched on May 3, 2011.

Site Overview[edit]

globalDoodle's homepage in 2011
globalDoodle's original homepage.

Designed by Helmut Eder and Neil Domselaar, globalDoodle went live in May 2011. It does not require a registration or log-in and allows people to express what they feel. The designs can be locked or left open to allow others to contribute. Each design has a unique code so it can easily be found and shared. Inspiration for globalDoodle came from the thought of “getting everyone on the same page” and allowing artistic expression (and scribbles as well) to be shared with the world.

One of the characteristics that sets globalDoodle apart is the use of the HTML5 standard to allow drawing natively in the browser without the need for browser plug-ins.


In its first year of activity after launch, globalDoodle was visited approximately 27,000 times; 58 km of doodles were created, filling 558 square meters of the page.


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