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Tekzilla logo.png
Tekzilla Logo
Hosted byPatrick Norton
Robert Heron
Shannon Morse

Veronica Belmont
Jessica Corbin
GenreTechnology Show[1]
UpdatesTuesdays &
Thursdays 6PM EST
Length30 - 50 Minutes[2]
Camera3 Cam Shoot
DirectionCamilla Stenmark
ProductionMichael Hand
Preceded byinDigital (2006-2007)
Theme music composed byLawrence Scaduto
Motion graphicsEden Soto
Picture formatHDTV 720p
Video formatQuickTime, Flash, WMV, Xvid
Original releaseSeptember 28, 2007 – November 25, 2014
Related showsSystm
The Screen Savers
Call For Help

Tekzilla was an American video podcast on the Revision3 network (Tekzilla was released every Tuesday). It was hosted by Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse, with Roger Chang (who also acts as the show's producer) as a frequent guest host. For the first 14 episodes of Tekzilla, Patrick's co-host was Jessica Corbin, who made a guest appearance on episode 16 confirming she has left the show. In November 2013, Veronica Belmont left the show. She had been a host on Tekzilla since 2008.[3][4][5][6] Shannon Morse became the new host. On November 25, 2014, Tekzilla aired for the final time. Starting in January 2015, Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse went on to create and host TekThing, funded by Patreon and recorded in the Hak5 studio.


Tekzilla was a viewer question, review, and technology news show, a mix between The Screen Savers and Call for Help (and featuring some of the same on-air talent as those shows). Each show began with a brief rundown of that episode's segments followed by an overview of the sponsors. After a short title sequence the hosts introduced themselves and talked about events that happened to them and events that were coming up, before moving on to questions. It became a common trait of the show to have special guests answer specialist questions for which the hosts were unable to provide answers.

For a few weeks in 2008, Revision3 broadcast Tekzilla live; this was stopped for unknown reasons. However, PA Serafina was quoted on the forums for saying, "There's details and red tape we still need to figure out. I'll keep you updated".[7] In more recent episodes viewers were urged to upload video questions on YouTube; building on this Roger Chang mentioned during one of the 2008 live shows that he thought having live Skype calls would be a good addition to the show. However, now that live shows have ceased this never happened.


Veronica Belmont on the new Spring 2009 onwards set
Veronica Belmont on the new Spring 2009 onwards set

Since Spring 2009, Tekzilla has had a change of set, as pictured to the left. This includes a new area with a cityscape with red sunrays (similar to the Tekzilla logo) behind it. In addition, the old faux brick wall has been painted white and has had various other cosmetic changes from the 2007-2009 set.[8] The set has two Vizio televisions – on Tekzilla Daily they are used to show screenshots, on the main show they are mostly used to show the Tekzilla logo and occasionally the output of a monitor. Since January 2009, the Tekzilla set has occupied the space previously used by Internet Superstar, a previous Revision3 show.[9]

Tekzilla Daily Tip[edit]

Tekzilla Daily Tip, formerly Tekzilla Daily, was a daily videocast made by the cast and crew of Tekzilla, originally starring Patrick Norton and later starring Veronica Belmont with Norton occasionally filling in for Belmont. Episodes were generally 1 minute to 3 minutes long. Tips are usually broken down and include various categories; Windows, Mac OS, Firefox, iTunes, and occasionally other topics. The videocast ended on September 12, 2013, with an announcement by Belmont.[10]

Merger with Systm and HD Nation[edit]

On episode 109 of Systm, an announcement stated that Systm and Tekzilla would be merging, and Systm would become a mini-series inside of the regular Tekzilla episodes.

On November 16, 2010, Tekzilla's producers announced that the show would be expanded to two full episodes per week, with HD Nation becoming part of Tekzilla and its host Robert Heron joining as a third presenter.[11]


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