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The Hillsong Global Project is a project by Hillsong Music Australia working with various Hillsong Church campuses around the world, along with international worship ministries to create nine albums in nine different languages featuring Hillsong songs (Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin, Indonesian, German, French, Swedish and Russian).[1][2]

The albums were released on 18 September 2012. All albums contain "Go" except for Global Project Español, which features "You Deserve" instead, and each album has different track listing.

List of albums[edit]

Global Project Deutsch[edit]

Global Project Deutsch is the German-language version recorded with Hillsong Church Konstanz and Düsseldorf.

No. Title Length
1. "Wir Geben Es Alles Hin" ("Go")  
2. "Gott Ist's Möglich" ("God is Able")  
3. "Zurück Zu Dir" ("The Lost Are Found")  
4. "Ich Lauf In Deinen Arm" ("Forever Reign")  
5. "Mein Gebet"/"Schritt Für Schritt" ("Like Incense"/"Sometimes By Step")  
6. "Du Bist Mit Uns" ("With Us")  
7. "Du" ("You")  
8. "Alles Ist Anders" ("The Difference")  
9. "Du Lebst In Mir" ("Alive in Us")  
10. "Weil Du Mich Endlos Liebst" ("Unending Love")  
11. "Ich Will Dich Loben" ("I Will Exalt You")  
12. "Meine Seele Steht Fest" ("The Stand")  

Global Project Español[edit]

Global Project Español
Studio album
Released 18 September 2012
Recorded 2012
Genre Contemporary worship music
Length 77:28
Label Hillsong Music Australia
Producer Reuben Morgan, Marcos Witt, Alex Campos, Marco Barrientos, Marcela Gandara, Darlene Zschech, Toni Romero
No. Title Writer(s) Worship leader Length
1. "Tú Mereces" ("You Deserve") Matt Crocker, James Dunlop Marcos Barrientos 4:45
2. "Dios es Amor" ("Our God Is Love") Joel Houston, Scott Ligertwood Marcos Witt 4:05
3. "Dios es Poderoso" ("God Is Able") Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding Alex Campos 4:22
4. "Hosanna" Brooke Fraser Marcela Gandara 5:40
5. "Es Tu Amor" ("It's Your Love") Mia Fieldes Darlene Zschech 5:30
6. "Gracias" ("Thank You") Morgan, Fielding Alex Campos 5:23
7. "Aquí Estoy" ("The Stand") Houston Marcos Witt 6:53
8. "Tu Amor no Tiene Fin" ("With Us") Morgan, Dylan Thomas Marcos Barrientos 4:40
9. "Abre Mis Ojos" ("Open My Eyes") Morgan, Braden Lang Alex Campos 4:01
10. "Por Mí Murió" ("To Know Your Name") Matt Crocker Marcos Barrientos 5:39
11. "Eterno Amor" ("Unending Love") Jill McCloghry & Sam Knock Marcos Witt & Marcela Gandara 6:09
12. "Poderoso Para Salvar" ("Mighty to Save") Morgan, Fielding Marcos Witt 5:59
13. "Sobrenatural" (from Sobrenatural) Marcos Witt, Alex Campos, Pablo Sierra, Eduardo Durney Marcos Witt 5:03
14. "Cantamos Aleluya" (from Transformados) Julián Collazos Marcos Barrientos 4:31
15. "Te Alabaré" Campos Alex Campos 4:38
Total length: 77:28

Global Project Português[edit]

Global Project Português
Studio album by Diante do Trono and Hillsong
Released 18 September 2012
Recorded 2012
Genre Contemporary worship music
Length 66:46
Label CanZion Brasil
Producer Diante do Trono

Global Project Português is the Brazilian Portuguese version recorded with Diante do Trono released on CanZion Brasil.[3]

No. Title Writer(s) Worship leader Length
1. "Tudo Por Ti" ("Go") Matt Crocker Israel Salazar 4:13
2. "Nosso Deus é Poderoso" ("God Is Able") Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding Guilherme Fares 4:15
3. "Hosana" ("Hosanna") Brooke Fraser Ana Paula Valadão, Mariana Valadão and Felippe Valadão 6:04
4. "Vivo Em Nós" ("Alive In Us") Morgan, Jason Ingram Ana Nóbrega 4:11
5. "És Mais Forte" ("Stronger") Morgan, Fielding Amanda Cariús and Tião Batista 4:20
6. "Pra Sempre Reinarás" ("Forever Reign") Morgan, Ingram André Valadão 3:27
7. "Tu És" ("You") Joel Houston Dave Ware 4:25
8. "Me Rendo" ("The Stand") Houston Ana Paula Valadão 6:10
9. "Aleluia" ("Hallelujah") Marty Sampson, Jonas Miryn Ana Paula Valadão 5:45
10. "Como Incenso / Passo-a-Passo" ("Like Incense / Step by Step") Fraser, Rich Mullins Ana Nóbrega 7:37
11. "Este é o Nosso Deus" ("This Is Our God") Morgan Rodrigo Campos 5:29
12. "Eterno Amor" ("Uneding Love") Jill McCloghry, Sam Knock Ana Paula Valadão and Israel Salazar 5:32
13. "Poder Pra Salvar" ("Mighty to Save") Morgan, Fielding André Valadão 5:12
14. "Meu Coração" (from Sol da Justiça) Ana Paula Valadão Ana Paula Valadão 5:19
15. "A Ti a Honra" (from Sol da Justiça) Ana Paula Valadão Amanda Cariús, Marine Friesen and Letícia Brandão 6:34
Total length: 66:46

Global Project Русский[edit]

Global Project Русский is the Russian-language version recorded by Hillsong Church Kiev.

No. Title Length
1. "Мы всё отдаём" ("Go")  
2. "Всё может Бог наш" ('God Is Able")  
3. "Осанна" ("Hosanna")  
4. "Превознесу я" ("I Will Exalt You")  
5. "Ты блудных найдёшь" ("The Lost are Found")  
6. "Цари вовек" ("Forever Reign")  
7. "Ты" ("You")  
8. "Стою" ("The Stand")  
9. "Таков Бог наш" ("This Is Our God")  
10. "B вечной любви" ("Unending Love")  
11. "Ты сильнее" ("Stronger")  
12. "Силён спасти" ("Mighty to Save")  
13. "Алтарь" ("Altar")  
14. "Бог всей земли" ("God of All the Earth")  
15. "Это наш царь" ("This Is Our King")  

Global Project Svenska[edit]

Global Project Svenska is the Swedish-language version recorded by Hillsong Church Stockholm.

No. Title Length
1. "Vi ger vårt allt" ("Go")  
2. "För vår Gud är allting möjligt" ("God Is Able")  
3. "Hosianna" ("Hosanna")  
4. "Jag ger dig ära" ("I Will Exalt You")  
5. "Du är vår Gud" ("This Is Our God")  
6. "Regerar i ditt ljus" ("Forever Reign")  
7. "Du" ("You")  
8. "Jag står" ("The Stand")  
9. "Halleluja" ("Hallelujah")  
10. "Kärlek som aldrig tar slut" ("Unending Love")  
11. "Kärlek stor" ("It's Your Love")  
12. "Alla behöver kärlek" ("Mighty to Save")  

Global Project 한국어[edit]

Global Project 한국어 is the Korean-language version recorded by Campus Worship (예수전도단).

No. Title Length
1. "주님 안에 자유있네" ("Go")  
2. "능력의 주" ("God Is Able")  
3. "호산나" ("Hosanna")  
4. "크신 사랑 온 땅 찬양해" ("Alive in Us")  
5. "강하신 주" ("Stronger")  
6. "영원히 다스리네" ("Forever Reign")  
7. "오직 주" ("You")  
8. "태초부터 계신 주" ("The Stand")  
9. "주 하나님" ("This is Our God")  
10. "향기로운 기도 들으소서" ("Like Incense/Sometimes By Step")  
11. "변함없는 사랑" ("Unending Love")  
12. "내 주는 구원의 주" ("Mighty to Save")  
13. "예수는 내 삶의 모든 것" ("Jesus You Are Everything To Me")  
14. "내 영혼에 빛" ("Light in My Soul")  
15. "우리 주 하나님" ("Our Lord, God")  

Global Project Indonesian[edit]

Global Project Indonesia
Studio album by JPCC Worship and Hillsong
Released 18 September 2012
Recorded 2012
Genre Contemporary worship music
Length 77:20
Label Insight Unlimited
Producer Sidney Mohede and Kenny Goh

Global Project Indonesian is the Indonesian-language version recorded with JPCC Worship.

No. Title Writer(s) Worship leader Length
1. "Kuberikan Segalanya" ("Go") Matt Crocker Sidney Mohede 4:17
2. "Tuhan Sanggup" ("God is Able") Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding Sidney Mohede 4:11
3. "Hosana" ("Hosanna") Brooke Fraser Ribka Wijaya 5:46
4. "Kau Ditinggikan" ("I Will Exalt You") Fraser Sari Simorangkir 4:37
5. "Terbesar" ("Stronger") Morgan, Fielding Gianni Messah 4:24
6. "Berkuasa Selamanya" ("Forever Reign") Jason Ingram, Morgan Sidney Mohede 5:19
7. "Kau" ("You") Joel Houston Billy Simpson 4:27
8. "Berdiri" ("The Stand") Houston Gianni Messah 6:43
9. "Kaulah Tuhan" ("This Is Our God") Morgan, Fielding Alvi Radjagukguk 5:03
10. "Bagaikan Dupa" ("Like Incense (Sometimes By Step)") Fraser, David Strasser, Rich Mullins Ribka Wijaya 6:39
11. "Kasih AbadiMu" ("Unending Love") Sam Knock, Jill McCloghry Billy Simpson, Ribka Wijaya 5:08
12. "Sanggup S′lamatkan" ("Mighty To Save") Morgan, Fielding Alvi Radjagukguk 3:51
13. "Dengan-Mu Tuhan" (From Glory to Glory) Andre Hermanto Sidney Mohede, Sari Simorangkir 4:37
14. "Tiada Ternilai" (From Glory to Glory) Andre Hermanto Sidney Mohede, Sari Simorangkir 6:13
15. "Jadi Seperti-Mu" (From God Is Our Victory) Andre Hermanto Sidney Mohede, Sari Simorangkir 6:07
Total length: 77:20

Global Project Français[edit]

Global Project Français is the French-language version recorded by Hillsong Church Paris.

No. Title Length
1. "Pour Suivre Ta Voie" ("Go")  
2. "Sauve Avec Puissance" ("Mighty To Save")  
3. "Hosanna" ("Hosanna")  
4. "Je T'Exalterai" ("I Will Exalt You")  
5. "Tu Es Là" ("With Us")  
6. "Ouvre Mes Yeux" ("Open My Eyes")  
7. "Toi" ("You")  
8. "C'Est Notre Dieu" ("This Is Our God")  
9. "De Tout Mon Être" ("With Everything")  
10. "Amour Sans Fin" ("Unending Love")  
11. "Tu Vis En Nous" ("Alive In Us")  
12. "Dieu Est Puissant" ("God Is Able")  

Global Project 華語[edit]

Global Project 華語 is the Mandarin-language version recorded with New Creation Church Singapore.

No. Title Length
1. "行祢旨意" ("Go")  
2. "神有大能" ("God is Able")  
3. "和散那" ("Hosanna")  
4. "我要尊崇祢" ("I Will Exalt You")  
5. "永远掌权" ("Forever Reign")  
6. "更坚固" ("Stronger")  
7. "祢" ("You")  
8. "浪子回头" ("The Lost Are Found")  
9. "我们的神" ("This Is Our God")  
10. "活在我们里面" ("Alive In Us")  
11. "无尽的爱" ("Unending Love")  
12. "大能拯救" ("Mighty To Save")  
13. "祢施恩" ("I See Grace")  
14. "主愛拯救了我" ("Love Rescued Me")  
15. "爱何等奇妙" ("Love So Amazing")  


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