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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Globe Tavern (August 18–21, 1864) of the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the casualty returns.[1] The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of the Potomac[edit]

V Corps[edit]

MG Gouverneur K. Warren, Senior Commander on the field

Escort: Lt John C. Paul

  • 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry (detachment)

Provost Guard: Maj Henry W. Rider

  • 5th New York (battalion)

Ambulance Train: Cpt William F. Drum

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Charles Griffin

1st Brigade

   Col William S. Tilton

2nd Brigade

   Col Edgar M. Gregory

3rd Brigade

   Col James Gwyn[2]
   Ltc William A. Throop

Second Division
     BG Romeyn B. Ayres

1st Brigade

   BG Joseph Hayes (c) Aug 19
   Col Frederick Winthrop
   Col Charles P. Stone[4]

2nd Brigade

   Col Nathan T. Dushane (k) Aug 21
   Col Samuel A. Graham

3rd Brigade
  • 15th New York Heavy Artillery: Ltc Michael Wiedrich (w), Maj Louis Eiche

Third Division
     BG Samuel W. Crawford

1st Brigade

   Col Peter Lyle

2nd Brigade

   Col Richard Coulter[6]
   Col Charles Wheelock

3rd Brigade

   Col William R. Hartshorne

  • 190th Pennsylvania
  • 191st Pennsylvania: Col James Carle

Fourth Division
     BG Lysander Cutler (w) Aug 21

1st Brigade

   BG Edward S. Bragg

2nd Brigade

   Col J. William Hofmann

Provost Guard
  • Independent (Wisconsin) Battalion
Artillery Brigade

   Col Charles S. Wainwright

IX Corps[edit]

MG John Parke

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Julius White

1st Brigade

   Ltc Joseph H. Barnes

2nd Brigade

   Ltc Gilbert P. Robinson

  • Massachusetts Light, 14th Battery

Second Division
     BG Robert B. Potter

1st Brigade

   Col Zenas R. Bliss
   Col John I. Curtin[8]

2nd Brigade

   BG Simon G. Griffin

Acting Engineers
  • Massachusetts Light, 11th Battery
  • New York Light, 19th Battery

Third Division
     BG Orlando B. Willcox

1st Brigade

   BG John F. Hartranft

2nd Brigade

   Col William Humphrey

Acting Engineers


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division, Cavalry Corps,
Army of the Potomac

1st Brigade

   Col William Stedman

Cavalry Division,
Army of the James

2nd Brigade

   Col Samuel P. Spear


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