Gloomy Lights

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Gloomy Lights
Gloomy Lights.jpg
Studio album by Gallhammer
Recorded 2003
Genre Black metal, doom metal, crust punk
Label Goatsucker Records in Mexico
Hello From the Gutter Records in Japan
Bestial Burst Records in Finland
Gallhammer chronology
Gloomy Lights
Ill Innocence

Gloomy Lights is the first full album of the Japanese metal band Gallhammer.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Endless Nauseous Days" 5:48
2. "Crucifixion" 4:30
3. "Tomurai: May Our Father Die" 4:34
4. "Beyond the Hate Red" 2:51
5. "Lost My Self" 3:17
6. "State of Gloom" 3:57
7. "Aloof and Proud Silence" 5:18
8. "Color of Coma" 10:07


  • Mika Penetrator – vocals, guitars
  • Vivian Slaughter – vocals, bass
  • Risa Reaper – vocals, drums