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Not to be confused with Lord of War.

A god of war is any deity associated with war.

"Gods of War" is a motorcycle club originating in Australia. It's membership is made up of serving or ex military personnel from any branch of the armed forces. Members are mainly from Commonwealth countries but service in allied countries is considered. It's club structure follows along the same as the Army. It's founding members have the title "War God".

Gods of War or God of War may also refer to:

Video gaming[edit]



  • The Gods of War, a 1985 novel by historical author John Toland
  • The Gods of War, a 2005 novel by Conn Iggulden and the fourth in the Emperor series
  • Gods of War, a 2009 science fiction novel by Ashok Banker
  • God of War (comics), a 2010–2011 limited six-issue comic book series published by Wildstorm based around the video game series
  • God of War, a 2010 novelization of the 2005 video game, God of War, written by Matthew Stover and Robert E. Vardeman
  • God of War II, a 2013 novelization of the 2007 video game, God of War II, written by Robert E. Vardeman