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Godzilla Entertainment
Godzilla Entertainment Logo.
Founded 2003
Founder Yukmouth
Genre(s) Hiphop
Country US
Web address http://www.godzillaent.com

Godzilla Entertainment was an American record label founded and owned by rapper Yukmouth of the popular 1990s rap group The Luniz, and operated by both Yukmouth and Kat Gaynor (who also acts as Yukmouth and The Regime's manager). The name comes from Yukmouth's popular 2003 album, Godzilla. It was initially created to serve as an independent record distribution company for official mixtapes released on Smoke-A-Lot Records. The first few releases through Godzilla was the heavily popular All Out War mixtape series which were done as a joint venture with the Cali Untouchable DJ's and Rapbay.com. The initial logo featured an edited version of the Aston Martin logo which was later replaced by a more independent logo which features the Smoke-A-Lot Records dragon logo encircled by the words "Godzilla Ent.". In May 2007 Yukmouth closed down the label and merged all of its duties with the parent Smoke-A-Lot Records after pressure from the copyright owners of the name Godzilla.


Upon receiving pressure from the owners of the copyright to the name Godzilla, Yukmouth closed down the Godzilla subset label and now releases projects solely on the Smoke-A-Lot Records imprint. All media pertaining to the name Godzilla, including logos, t-shirts and other media were removed from the official Smoke-A-Lot website shortly after.


  • The Regime - All Out War Vol. 1
  • The Regime - All Out War Vol. 2
  • The Regime - All Out War Vol. 3
  • Ampichino - AK-47 Soundtrack to the Street
  • Young Skrilla - Superheroes: Hot Az A Heata Vol. 2
  • Yukmouth - Million Dollar Mixtape
  • Yukmouth - The City of Dope Vol. 1

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