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Birth nameShawn Thomas
BornWaco Texas, U.S.
GenresHardcore hip hop
Years active1991–present
LabelsNoo Trybe/Virgin/EMI Records, West Coast Mafia (2005-present), Ca$hville (2007-present)
WebsiteC-Bo on Instagram

Shawn Thomas, also known by his stage name C-Bo, is an American rapper.


C-Bo, notoriously known for his relationship with law enforcement, was one of the first rappers to be jailed due to his lyrical content, a scathing critique of political officials and police on his track "Deadly Game," and unsuccessfully argued for appeal three times, while gaining nationwide attention for arguably his most successful mainstream album.[1] He was arrested in California in 1998, under the suspicion that his violent rap lyrics violated his parole.[2] He rapped his court statement to the presiding judge, in Ohio, who gave C-Bo probation on the condition that he also rap in a Public Service Announcement.[3]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Release Peak chart positions

Gas Chamber 1993 53
Tales from the Crypt 1995 99 4
One Life 2 Live 1997 65 12
Til My Casket Drops 1998 41 4
The Final Chapter 1999 81 20
Enemy of the State 2000 91 24
Life as a Rider 2002 41
Desert Eagle
The Mobfather 2003 199 37
Money to Burn 2006 71
Cali Connection 2012
The Mobfather II 2015
The Problem 2017
Animal 2019
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart.

Collaboration albums[edit]

  • Blocc Movement with Brotha Lynch Hung (2001)
  • Gang Affiliated with West Coast Mafia Gang (2004)
  • In Thugz We Trust with Thug Lordz (2004)
  • 100 Racks In My Backpack with San Quinn (2006)
  • Thug Lordz Trilogy with Thug Lordz (2006)
  • The Moment of Truth with Killa Tay (2006)
  • Tradin' War Stories with Omar "Big-O" Gooding (2008)
  • Thug Money with Thug Lordz (2010)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • The Best of C-Bo (1995)
  • C-Bo's Best Appearances '91-'99 (2001)
  • West Coast Mafia (2002)
  • West Side Ryders (2003)
  • C-Bo's Lost Sessions (2004)
  • West Side Ryders II (2005)
  • Best of the Girth (2005)
  • The Greatest Hits (2006)
  • West Side Ryders III (2007)
  • West Coast Classics (2007)
  • C-Bo's Bulletproof (2007)
  • West Side Ryders IV: World Wide Mob (2008)
  • West Side Ryders V (2011)
  • C-Bo Trilogy (2012)
  • OG Chronicles (2014)
  • Mobfather: The John Gotti Pack (2018)


  • Underground & Unreleased with West Coast Mafia Gang (2004)
  • West Coast Durty with Lil' Flip (2004)
  • The Money to Burn Mixtape (2006)
  • Cashville Takeover with Cashville Records (2009)
  • West Coast Mafia Music (2010)
  • I Am Gangsta Rap (2013)

Extended plays[edit]

Title Release Peak chart positions

The Autopsy 1994 22

Guest appearances[edit]

Title Year Other artist(s) Album
"Smokin' Da Bomb" 1994 Marvaless, Rup Dog Ghetto Blues
"Can't Stand The Heat" Marvaless
"Hard Core" 1995 Marvaless, Pizzo Just Marvaless
"That's How We Break Bread" TRU True
"Tradin' War Stories" 1996 2Pac, Outlawz All Eyez on Me
"Ain't Hard 2 Find" 2Pac, B-Legit, D-Shot, E-40
"Code Red" Marv Mitch & LeMay Livin In Tha Strange
"See The Light" Marvaless Wiccked
"Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us" B-Legit, Little Bruce The Hemp Museum
"Niggaz Get They Wig Split" B-Legit, Celly Cel
"Major Factorz" 1997 JT the Bigga Figga, Young Meek Game Tight
"The Funk Is On" Lunasicc, Marvaless Mr. Lunasicc
"It's On, On Sight" 1998 E-40 The Element of Surprise
"Ride" Celly Cel The G Filez
"Deadly Weapon" Marvaless Fearless
"Mafia Niggaz" Marvaless, Steady Mobb'n
"Over Drive" Lunasicc, 151, Killa Tay, Mob Figaz A Million Words, a Million Dollars
"Big Dawgs" Killa Tay, J-Dubb, O-Fed Mr. Mafioso
"Thug Money" Guce If It Ain't Real, It Ain't Official
"Mob" 1999 Kokane They Call Me Mr. Kane
"Armaggedon" Mob Figaz C-Bo's Mob Figaz
"Mafioso Type"
"No Money" Mob Figaz, Huccabucc, Kaos
"Prepare To Die" Mob Figaz, Huccabucc, Young Meek
"Thug World" Mob Figaz, Spice 1
"Cause I Can" E-40, Jayo Felony Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire
"Flossed Out" Mike Mosley, Emidy, Official London Breezy, Will Platinum Plaques
"Kaviealstars" 3X Krazy, Otis & Shug Immortalized
"Thug Disease" South Central Cartel, Spice 1 Concrete Jungle Vol. 1
"The World Keeps Turnin'" Pizzo Heater Calhoun
"Straight G'z"
"Hard Ball?" 2000 Killa Tay Snake Eyes
"The Murda Show"
"Whoo Ride" Thug Thisle
"One Luv" Spice 1 The Last Dance
"Ride 4 Me" Spice 1, Rod-Dee The Playa Rich Project
"Block Monsters" Mac Mall, JT the Bigga Figga Beware of Those
"Do It Right" 2001 Yukmouth, Phats Bossi Thug Lord: The New Testament
"Smile" Yukmouth, CJ Mac
"Paper Made" Big Hollis Knocks 2001
"I'm A Boss" Daz Dillinger, JT the Bigga Figga, Yukmouth, Dru Down Game for Sale
"Crippin'" Daz Dillinger Who Ride wit Us: Tha Compalation, Vol. 1
"Blaze Up The City" 10sion, I.V.A.N. The Terrible, Outlawz 10sion
"What!" Messy Marv Turf Politics
"Fuck You" Luniz Silver & Black
"Smack Yo Self" Young Noble, Hellraza Street Warz
"Deadly Game" X-Raided Deadly Game
"Thug Lordz" 2003 Yukmouth Godzilla
"Nothing Over My G'z" JT the Bigga Figga, Killa Tay Game Tight Vol. 2
"Countin' Money" JT the Bigga Figga, Killa Tay, Mac Mall, Marvaless, Pizzo
"Can We Ball?" JT the Bigga Figga, Killa Tay
"Can U Deal With This?" 2004 Big Lurch, Killa Tay It's All Bad
"Sav Boyz" San Quinn, Killa Tay I Give You My Word
"American Me" Yukmouth, Chino Nino, Young Noble United Ghettos of America Vol. 2
"The Slide Show" Yukmouth, Nate, Richie Rich
"United Ghettos of America part 2" Yukmouth, 151, Dru Down, Eastwood, Roscoe, Spice 1, Tha Realest
"Big Boy" 2005 J-Flo, Yukmouth Sick Sick Em
"Leave the Ridin' to Us" Spice 1, Yukmouth The Truth
"Ghetto Slums" JT the Bigga Figga, Phats Bossi Neighborhood Supastarz
"Gangstas' & Ballas" 2007 Young Bleed Once Upon a Time in Amedica
"West Side" 2008 Yukmouth, Glasses Malone Million Dollar Mouthpiece
"Thuggin Till I Die" Outlawz We Want In: The Street LP
"Grown Ass Man" 2009 Tha Realest Witness Tha Realest
"Stay On It" Yukmouth The West Coast Don
"Fast Quarter" 2011 E-40, Yukmouth Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift
"On My Side" The Jacka, Smigg Dirtee Flight Risk
"Like Us" Pimp C, Smoke D, Vicious Still Pimping
"Hittin' A Lick" 2012 E-40, T-Nutty The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 2
"Blowin On Jamaica" Yukmouth, Young Noble Half Baked
"Put Da Clip In" 2013 Young Noble, Young Buck Outlaw Nation Vol. 2
"Salute The West" Westcoast Stone, Killa Tay, Kokane, Wratchet Wrico Salute The West
"Real 1's" Sean T, Meccah Dawn
"Choppa On Deck" 2014 Yukmouth, Young Buck GAS (Grow & Sale)
"Real Life" Philthy Rich, M Dot 80 A~1 Since Day One
"Life of a Rider" 2015 Lil Mo, Beast, Matt Black
"Made A Man Of Me" EDIDON, June Summers, Nutt-So The Hope Dealer, Pt. 1


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