The Regime (group)

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The Regime
Also known as The Smoke-A-Lot Regime
The Regime Dragon Gang
Origin Oakland, California, USA
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1997–present
Labels Rap-a-Lot/Smoke-a-Lot/Asylum/Godzilla Entertainment/RBC
Associated acts Silverback Guerillaz, E-40
Members Yukmouth
Tech N9ne
Marc Shyst
Jamal Phillips

The Regime (stylized as The ReGime) is an American hip hop collective created by Yukmouth in 1997, and originally included fellow rappers Tech N9ne, Phats Bossi, Madmax, Poppa LQ, Dizzle Don and Govnormatic.[1] Not long after the original formation, Gonzoe of rap group Kausion and Lil Ke also joined.[1] The group is signed to Yukmouth's Smoke-A-Lot Records, and share that label's dragon logo.

The Regime is unique when it comes to rap groups in that the members are from different states and cities around the U.S.. Besides guest appearances on numerous Yukmouth related projects, the group has released three mixtapes in the All Out War series and have plans for their debut album to be titled Regime Dragon Gang.[2][3]

Group members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Gonzoe*Ampichino
  • Basek
  • BG Bulletwound
  • Boss Tone
  • Big Rae
  • C-Bo
  • Chino Nino
  • Dizzle Don
  • DJ Fingaz
  • Don Menace
  • Dru Down
  • Mr.
  • Freeze
  • The Gatlin
  • Gov Matic
  • Grant Rice
  • Jamal
  • Jay R Jay
  • K.P.
  • Kuzzo Fly
  • Kenny Kingpin
  • Lee Majors
  • Marc Shyst
  • Messy Marv
  • Monsta Ganjah
  • Ms. Story
  • Nyce
  • Rahmean
  • Slam Versatile
  • Tech N9ne
  • The Reason
  • The Fleet
  • T-Lew
  • Young Bossi
  • Yukmouth
  • Young Boss

Former members[edit]

  • The Realest
  • Big Boss
  • Pretty White
  • Don Stryke
  • E-Blak
  • J-Stone
  • Lil' Ke
  • Lil Boss
  • Madd Maxx
  • Mr. Malik
  • Nyce
  • Phats Bossi
  • Pretty Black
  • Yung Skrilla
  • Yung Boss


Studio albums[edit]

  • 2001: The Regime Presents Thugg Lordz (Lil Ke & Mad Max)
  • 2013: Dragon Gang

Street albums[edit]

  • 2005: All Out War, Volume 1
  • 2005: All Out War, Volume 2
  • 2006: All Out War, Volume 3
  • 2013: The Last Dragon[4]


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