Goede tijden, slechte tijden

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Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden
GenreSoap opera
Created byReg Watson
Written byRohan Gottschalk (Head writer)
StarringPresent cast
No. of seasons30
No. of episodes6,219 (as of March 23, 2020)
Executive producer(s)Peter Römer
Running time23 min. w/o commercials
30 min. w/ commercials
Original networkRTL4
Original release1 October 1990 (1990-10-01) –
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Goede tijden, slechte tijden (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌ ɣujə ˈtɛidə(n) ˌslɛxtə ˈtɛidə(n)], English: Good times, bad times), also known as GTST or simply Goede tijden, is the longest-running Dutch soap opera, which began on 1 October 1990 on RTL4. The programme was the first daily soap in the Netherlands and also in Europe. The soap is produced by Joop van den Ende and to date over 5,000 episodes[1] have been broadcast. It was inspired by the Australian soap The Restless Years, although it started following its own course during the third season. GTST is broadcast Monday to Friday at 20:00. Around 1.5 million viewers watch each episode. It is the highest-rated soap opera in the Netherlands.

The soap mainly revolves around the lives of the families Alberts, Sanders, De Jong, Van Houten and Bouwhuis. It all takes place in the fictional town of Meerdijk. Like any other soap, marriage, divorce, kidnapping and business are a few of the ingredients of GTST, although in recent years, GTST has become known for writing and producing more controversial storylines. GTST is also known for having a summer break each year, ending a season sometime in June with a cliffhanger, only to resume three months later in September. Although the early cliffhangers often revolved around family drama, later cliffhangers have often revolved around disasters and unexpected twists.

Many former actors who once were part of the cast are now well known in the Netherlands and Europe, such as Katja Schuurman, Reinout Oerlemans and Antonie Kamerling.

In 2014 a gay marriage took place in the soap opera, this was the first time this happened on the Dutch television.[2]

In 2016 the show got a spin-off called Nieuwe Tijden (English: New Times), which follows some of the younger characters from GTST and some new characters as they go off to college.


Present characters[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Cecilia Adorée Tiffy Koster 2016, 2018–present
Annefleur van den Berg Puck O'dolphy 2019-present
Dorian Bindels Daan Stern 2018–present
Sophie Bouquet Merel Verduyn 2019–present
Tamara Brinkmann Charlie Fischer 2009
Saskia Verduyn-Visser 2019–present
Caroline De Bruijn Janine Elschot 1992–present
Sophia Sanders–Eijsink 2002–2003
Alkan Coklu Amir Nazar 2017–present
Ferry Doedens Lucas Sanders 2009–present
Stephanie van Eer JoJo Abrams 2018–present
Everon Jackson Hooi Bing Mauricius 2005–present
Cas Jansen Julian Verduyn 1996–1999, 2019–present
Johnny Kraaijkamp jr. Henk Visser 2020
Bo Maerten Amelie Hendrix 2020
Jette van der Meij Laura Selmhorst 1990–present
Bas Muijs Stefano Sanders 1999–2005, 2009, 2014, 2020
Joep Sertons Anton Bouwhuis 2010–present
Ferri Somogyi Rik de Jong 1995–2004, 2007–present
Babette van Veen Linda Bouwhuis–Dekker 1990–1998, 2005–2006, 2015–present
Marly van der Velden Nina Mauricius–Sanders 2005–present
Vincent Visser Valentijn Sanders 2019–present
Erik de Vogel Ludo Sanders 1996–present
Bertrie Wierenga Shanti Vening 2019–present

Recurring cast[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Bart Peereboom Marcel Boeve 2000–present
Dennis Honhoff Barry Lansink 2009–present
Various child actors Nola Sanders 2013–present
Michael de Roos Alex de Boer 2014–present
Luca Savazzi Leon de Boer 2014–present
Various child actors Manu Mauricius 2015–present
Various child actors Max Mauricius 2018–present
Various child actors Louise Stern 2019–present
Various child actors Wolf Sanders 2019–present
Tommy van Lent Steef Verduyn 2019–present
Noa Zwan Demi Verduyn 2019–present

Original cast members[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Antonie Kamerling Peter Kelder 1990–1993, 1995
Reinout Oerlemans Arnie Alberts 1990–1996
Joost Buitenweg Rien Hoogendoorn 1990–1992
Frédérique Huydts Annette van Thijn 1990–1992
Babette van Veen Linda Dekker 1990–1998, 2005–2006, 2015–present
Isa Hoes Myriam van der Pol 1990–1994
Ingeborg Wieten Suzanne Balk 1990–2000
Marlous Fluitsma Helen Helmink (#1) 1990–1991
Rick Engelkes Simon Dekker 1990–1994, 1997–1998, 2003
Jette van der Meij Laura Alberts 1990–present
Wilbert Gieske Robert Alberts 1990–2008, 2015–2016, 2019
Wim Zomer Daniel Daniel 1990–1999
Inge Ipenburg Martine Hafkamp 1990–1994, 2003–2005, 2017
Hein van Beem Nico Stenders 1990–1991
Antoinette van Belle Stephanie Kreeft 1990–1994
Dieter Jansen Jan van Ede 1990–1991
Djuna Hougee Petra van Ede 1990–1991
Carola Gijsbers van Wijk Wil de Smet 1990–1998

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