Going Out

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"Going Out"
Supergrass Going Out.jpg
Single by Supergrass
from the album In It for the Money
B-side"Melanie Davis"
Released26 February 1996 (UK)
FormatCD, 7"
RecordedSawmills Studio
Songwriter(s)Supergrass & Rob Coombes
Sam Williams
Supergrass singles chronology
"Going Out"
"Richard III"

"Going Out" was the first single to be taken from In It for the Money, the second album by Britpop band Supergrass. It was released in February 1996, and reached 5 in the UK Charts.[1][2] Apparently the song was originally written in the key of E, because the engine of Supergrass' tour bus would tick at that same musical pitch.[3]

"Going Out" caused problems when Danny Goffey accused Gaz Coombes of basing the lyrics of the song on himself and Pearl Lowe's (his then girlfriend) involvement in the British tabloids.[4]

Track listing[edit]

CD CDR6428

  1. "Going Out" - 4:16
  2. "Melanie Davis" - 2:45
  3. "Strange Ones (Live)" - 3:50

LTD. ED. Burgundy 7" R6428 / TC TCR6428

  1. "Going Out" - 4:16
  2. "Melanie Davis" - 2:45

Music video[edit]

The bandstand in Battersea Park where "Going Out" and "Late In The Day" were filmed.

The music video was filmed on a bandstand in Battersea Park (the same bandstand is pictured in the video for "Late In The Day"), and features Supergrass in coats and scarves (due to the cold) playing the song in question. As the middle eight begins, the camera shows a framed photo of Gaz Coombes with Ronnie Biggs (the infamous train robber), which then pans out to Rob Coombes with a thermos flask at his side. Rob is also reading a newspaper entitled the "Evening Rooster", with the headline "SUPERGRASS EAT ROAST DINNERS" and a picture of the band underneath that; he looks over the edge of his newspaper sinisterly as the camera focuses on him.

The band are then seen watching themselves on the bandstand from varying levels of a tree, cradling Golden Retriever puppies in Dalmatian patterned blankets. They are then shown playing with a larger mongrel dog on the grass, and as the middle eight finally ends, the camera goes back to Supergrass performing on the bandstand, only now it is nighttime. The camera then moves to the roof of the bandstand and into the plain black of the night sky, and the end of the video is marked with the caption: "GOING OUT/SUPERGRASS".


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