Golden mandarin fish

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Golden mandarin fish
Yellow (foreground) and speckled (behind) individuals
Scientific classification
S. scherzeri
Binomial name
Siniperca scherzeri
  • Siniperca scherzeri scherzeri Steindachner, 1892
  • Siniperca chui P. W. Fang & L. T. Chong, 1932
  • Siniperca scherzeri chui P. W. Fang & L. T. Chong, 1932
  • Siniperca kwangsiensis P. W. Fang & L. T. Chong, 1932
  • Siniperca scherzeri kwangsiensis P. W. Fang & L. T. Chong, 1932
  • Siniperca schezeri kichuani H. J. Shih, 1937
  • Siniperca kichuani H. J. Shih, 1937

The golden mandarin fish (Siniperca scherzeri), also known as the leopard mandarin fish, is a species of temperate perch native to eastern Asia (Korea, China, and Vietnam).[2] This species can reach at least 33.4 cm (1.1 ft) in standard length and 607.3 g (1.34 lb) in weight.[3] It is typically yellowish-brown with blackish-brown speckles ("leopard"), but there are also bright yellow ("golden") individuals, which are particularly prized in Korea[4] and selectively bred in captivity.[5]

It is a commercially important fish, but has declined due to overfishing and habitat loss.[6] It is farmed; typically using pure specimens,[7] but sometimes involving hybrids with the faster-growing mandarin fish (Siniperca chuatsi).[6] Danyang County, North Chungcheong Province organizes a fishing festival for golden mandarin fish every April.[8]


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