Gole Sangam

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"Gole Sangam" (in Persian گل سنگم) sometimes "Gol-e Sangam" or just "Gole Sang" (in Persian گل سنگ) is an iconic Persian language song from the 1970s. A hugely popular tune in Iran and Afghanistan, it has gained international fame. "Gole Sangam" meaning "stone flower", talks about someone in love, yet facing rejection from the person he/she loves.

The lyrics written by Bijan Samandar say:

گل سـنگم گل سنگم (transliteration Gole sangam, gole sangam) (meaning I am a stone flower, I am a stone flower)
چی بـگم از دل تـنـگم (transliteration Chi begam az dele tangam) (meaning What to say for my longing heart)
مثل آفتاب اگـه بـر من (transliteration Mesle aftab age bar man) (meaning Like the sun, if you don't shine on me)
نتابی سردم و بیرنگم (transliteration Natabi sardam o bi rangam) (meaning I am cold and colorless)

The song has been subject of tens of interpretations and recordings and sung in many languages. The most famous versions include those by Persian singers Hassan Sattar and Hayedeh and by Afghan singer Ahmad Zahir.