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Created by Joe Assell and Mike Clinton in 1995, GolfTEC is a United States golf instruction company, teaching more than 25% of golf lessons annually in the United States. GolfTEC has 172 locations across the United States, Canada, Japan, and Korea. The Green Room, a Canada-based golf instruction company, purchased the rights to GolfTEC Canada[1] and opened the first GolfTEC in North Vancouver in early 2011. GolfTEC’s Corporate headquarters are located outside of Denver, Colorado.

GolfTEC teaching philosophy[edit]

According to the GolfTEC website, the golf instruction company believes there are five aspects to golf improvement.

  • Fact-based diagnosis – an analysis using video, motion measurement and a proprietary database of over 150 Tour players. All GolfTEC technology becomes available to franchisees.[2]
  • Sequential lessons – Certified Personal Coaches give lessons.
  • Video-based practice – learning rates are accelerated with visual feedback that reinforces new swing habits.
  • Retention tools – the online Player Performance Center provides 24/7 access to lesson history, past swing videos and practice drills that are provided after each lesson.
  • Precision-matched clubs – a club fitting process filters through more than 1,000 clubs to find the ideal match to each player’s swing. Five GolfTEC locations were named to Golf Digest’s[3] list of Top 100 Club Fitters.

GolfTEC technology[edit]

GolfTEC originally used medical technology to monitor golf swings. The g-Swing technology is now patented by GolfTEC and an introductory one-hour swing evaluation shows the exact angles of rotation and bend of a client’s golf swing from address to follow-through. GolfTEC digitally recorded the golf swings of 150 PGA Tour professionals. The swing analysis of the tour players is used to provide numbers for use in Swing Evaluations.

GolfTEC lessons[edit]

GolfTEC lessons are taught by a Certified Personal Coach who has completed GolfTEC University.[4] GolfTEC University teaches future coaches about GolfTEC technology and the teaching philosophy.

The majority of GolfTEC lessons are taught indoors in bays designed to monitor swing mechanics. GolfTEC’s Player Performance Center allows clients to view their swing, hear audio from their coach, see practice drills and schedule lessons online.

GolfTEC teaches outdoor playing and short game lessons where clients work on course management, putting and shots from within 50 yards.

GolfTEC Improvement Centers[edit]

There are 172 GolfTEC Improvement Centers across the United States, Canada, Japan, and Korea. Locations can have anywhere between two and seven lesson and practice bays which include video monitoring and motion measurement technology.

In 2004, GolfTEC partnered with Golfsmith, the nation’s largest golf retailer. There are GolfTEC Improvement Centers in almost 80% of Golfsmith locations nationwide.[5]