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Gordon Hillis Aylward is an Australian chemical author. He is known for writing the SI Chemical Data book.


Aylward graduated on 20 May 1952 with a BSc (Honours) in Applied Chemistry from the then-new University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.[1][2] Later he received a MSc from the same university, and continued to teach Analytical Chemistry for 13 years there.[3] During that period he organized the Approach to Chemistry summer schools, together with his co-teacher dr Tristan Findlay. To support the course, they wrote the book SI Chemical Data as the textbook.[3]

Later Aylward joined Macquarie University as Associate Professor and worked from 1970 till his retirement in 2005 in developing countries as a Science Education consultant for UNESCO, then for the World Bank and finally as a freelance Senior Science Education Advisor.[3]

Published works[edit]


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