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Gordon Balch Nevin (19 May 1892 – 15 November 1943) was an American composer and organist. A member of the Nevin musical family of Edgeworth, PA., his cousins were the composers Ethelbert and Arthur Nevin, and he was the son of composer and businessman George Balch Nevin.[1] The Balch Family is one of the Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania.

Nevin occupied the organist's chair at churches in Easton, Pennsylvania; Cleveland, Ohio; and Johnstown, Pennsylvania; and he was organist of First Presbyterian Church in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, from 1918. Most of his compositions were for organ; he did, however, write a few secular songs, and among his published works are versions of several Stephen Foster songs. He was also a writer, publishing books on organ technique. He died in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania in 1943.[1] His wife was the former Jessie Young of Johnstown, PA, a daughter of the Samuel E. and Elizabeth Rose Young Family and niece of US Congressman John Marshall Rose and grand-niece of W. Horace Rose, the 1st Mayor of Johnstown. Her Father, Samuel E. Young, was General Manager and Secretary of the Johnstown Passenger Railway Co.


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