Gorod (band)

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Origin Bordeaux, France
Genres Technical death metal, progressive death metal
Years active 1997–present
Labels Listenable
Website gorod.free.fr
Members Julien "Nutz" Deyres
Mathieu Pascal
Benoit Claus
Nicolas Alberny
Karol Diers
Past members Guillaume Martinot
Arnaud Pontacq
Sam Santiago

Gorod is a technical death metal band from Bordeaux, France.


They formed in 1997 under the name Gorgasm releasing their debut album Neurotripsicks on Deadsun Records in 2004. They changed their name to Gorod in 2005 to avoid confusion with an American band also called Gorgasm, re-releasing their debut album on Willowtip Records in 2005.

Since the change of name, Gorod have released four more full-length studio albums, the most recent being A Maze of Recycled Creeds, released October 2015. Gorod have enjoyed increasing popularity since their inception, taking part in the Maryland Deathfest in the United States.


Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Mathieu Pascal – guitar (1997–present)
  • Benoit Claus – bass (1997–present)
  • Julien "Nutz" Deyres – vocals (2010–present)
  • Nicolas Alberny – guitar (2010–present)
  • Karol Diers - drums (2014–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Sandrine – drums (1997–2008)
  • Guillaume Martinot – vocals (1997–2010)
  • Arnaud Pontacq – guitar (2002–2010)
  • Nico – guitar (2005)
  • Samuel Santiago – drums (2008–2013)


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