Great Victorian Rail Trail

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Great Victorian Rail Trail
Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail bridge at Bonnie Doon.jpg
The GVRT crossing Lake Eildon, near Bonnie Doon.
Length 134 km
Location Victoria, Australia
Cycling details
Trail difficulty Low
Surface Gravel
Hills Gentle (except Alexandra branch)
Water Available in towns
Connecting transport
Train(s) Regular services to Seymour Station near start of route
Bus Available in major towns

The Great Victorian Rail Trail (formerly Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail) is the longest rail trail in Australia, following the route of the former railway line from Tallarook, the Mansfield Railway and Alexandra Railway in north central Victoria, Australia, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) north-east of Melbourne. The trail surface is partially granitic sand and partly chert (a kind of gravel), [1]

Officially opened in June 2012, it stretches for 134 km (83 mi) from Tallarook near Seymour, through Trawool, Yea and Bonnie Doon to Mansfield, with an offshoot to Alexandra from Cathkin.[1] Its highlights include the 200-metre (220 yd) Cheviot Tunnel near Yea, views of the Goulburn River, the Heritage listed Trawool Valley and a former rail bridge over Lake Eildon near Bonnie Doon. [1]

The towns passed through by the main rail trail are: Tallarook, Trawool, Kerrisdale, Homewood, Yea, Molesworth, Yarck, Kanumbra, Merton, Bonnie Doon, Maindample, Mansfield. The trail forks near Molesworth, leading to Alexandra.


On 29 April 2009, the Federal Government announced that it would contribute A$13.2 million from its community infrastructure program out of the estimated total cost of A$14.2 million needed for the completion of the trail as an economic stimulus and as part of the recovery effort in the wake of the 2009 Victorian bushfires. The money was spent to repair and build bridges, road crossings, car parking, rest stops and amenities.[2]

Map of the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail.


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