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The Graphics Interface (GI) conference is the oldest continuously scheduled conference devoted to computer graphics, and human–computer interaction. GI was held biannually between 1969 and 1981, and has been held annually since then. Prior to 1982, the conference was called Canadian Man-Computer Communications Conference (CMCCC).[1][2] [3] [4]

This conference is sponsored by the Canadian Human–Computer Communications Society. The conference has a tradition of being co-located with the Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), which was formerly known as Vision Interface (VI).


The Canadian Human–Computer Communications Society honours the memory of Michael A. J. Sweeney through an annual award to the best student paper presented at each year's Graphics Interface conference.

Alain Fournier [5] and Bill Buxton [6] Ph.D. Dissertation Annual Awards are given to best dissertations in Computer Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction defended in a Canadian University, and are announced officially during the Graphics Interface conference.

Conference Michael A. J. Sweeney Award in HCI Michael A. J. Sweeney Award in Graphics
GI 2014 Ahmed Sabbir Arif, Michel Pahud, Ken Hinckley, and Bill Buxton. Experimental study of stroke shortcuts for a touchscreen keyboard with gesture-redundant keys removed. Oskar Elek, Tobias Ritschel, Carsten Dachsbacher, and Hans-Peter Seidel. Interactive light scattering with principal-ordinate propagation
GI 2013 Michael Glueck, Tovi Grossman, and Daniel Wigdor. A model of navigation for very large data views. Ali Mahdavi Amiri and Faramarz Samavati. ACM: atlas of connectivity maps for semiregular models.
GI 2012 Mona Haraty, Diane Tam, Shathel Haddad, Joanna McGrenere, and Charlotte Tang. Individual differences in personal task management: a field study in an academic setting. Cyrus Rahgoshay, Amir Rabbani, Karan Singh, and Paul G. Kry. Inverse kinodynamics: editing and constraining kinematic approximations of dynamic motion.
GI 2011 Robert Xiao, Miguel A. Nacenta, Regan L. Mandryk, Andy Cockburn, and Carl Gutwin. Ubiquitous cursor: a comparison of direct and indirect pointing feedback in multi-display environments. Hua Li and David Mould. Structure-preserving stippling by priority-based error diffusion.
GI 2010 Manuela Waldner, Werner Puff, Alexander Lex, Marc Streit, and Dieter Schmalstieg. Visual links across applications. Jean-Paul Balabanian, Ivan Viola, and Eduard Gröller. Interactive illustrative visualization of hierarchical volume data.
GI 2009 Kenrick Kin, Maneesh Agrawala, and Tony DeRose. Determining the benefits of direct-touch, bimanual, and multifinger input on a multitouch workstation. Ke Colin Zheng, Alex Colburn, Aseem Agarwala, Maneesh Agrawala, David Salesin, Brian Curless, and Michael F. Cohen. Parallax photography: creating 3D cinematic effects from stills.
GI 2008 Jason Alexander and Andy Cockburn. An empirical characterisation of electronic document navigation. Takashi Ijiri, Mihoshi Yokoo, Saneyuki Kawabata, and Takeo Igarashi. Surface-based growth simulation for opening flowers.
GI 2007 Carman Neustaedter, A. J. Bernheim Brush, and Saul Greenberg. A digital family calendar in the home: lessons from field trials of LINC. --
GI 2006 Celine Latulipe, Ian Bell, Charles L. A. Clarke, and Craig S. Kaplan. symTone: two-handed manipulation of tone reproduction curves. Hai Mao and Yee-Hong Yang. Particle-based immiscible fluid-fluid collision.
GI 2005 Xiang Cao and Ravin Balakrishnan. Evaluation of an on-line adaptive gesture interface with command prediction. --
GI 2004 Julie Heiser, Doantam Phan, Maneesh Agrawala, Barbara Tversky, and Pat Hanrahan. Identification and validation of cognitive design principles for automated generation of assembly instructions. Wilmot Li, Maneesh Agrawala, and David Salesin. Interactive image-based exploded view diagrams.


Conference Location Dates Year Program Co-Chairs Notes
GI 2016 Victoria, British Columbia 31 May–3 June 2016 Tibi Popa, Karyn Moffatt
GI 2015 Halifax, Nova Scotia 3–5 June 2015 Hao (Richard) Zhang, Tony Tang
GI 2014 Montreal, Quebec 7–9 May 2014 Paul G. Kry, Andrea Bunt
GI 2013 Regina, Saskatchewan 29–31 May 2013 Farmarz F. Samavati, Kirstie Hawkey
GI 2012 Toronto, Ontario 28–30 May 2012 Stephen Brooks, Kirstie Hawkey
GI 2011 St. John's, Newfoundland 25–27 May 2011 Stephen Brooks, Pourang Irani
GI 2010 Ottawa, Ontario 31 May-2 June 2010 David Mould, Sylvie Noel
GI 2009 Kelowna, British Columbia 24–27 May 2009 Amy Gooch, Melanie Tory
GI 2008 Windor, Ontario 28–30 May 2008 Chris Shaw, Lyn Bartram
GI 2007 Montreal, Quebec 28–30 May 2007 Christopher G. Healy, Edward Lank
GI 2006 Quebec, Quebec 7–9 June 2006 Stephen Mann, Carl Gutwin
GI 2005 Victoria, British Columbia 9–11 May 2005 Michiel van de Panne, Kori Inkpen
GI 2004 London, Ontario 17–19 May 2004 Wolfgang Heidrich, Ravin Balakrishnan
GI 2003 Halifax, Nova Scotia 11–13 June 2003 Torsten Möller, Colin Ware
GI 2002 Calgary, Alberta 27–29 May 2002 Michael McCool, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
GI 2001 Ottawa, Ontario 7–9 June 2001 Benjamin Watson, John W. Buchanan
GI 2000 Montréal, Québec 15–17 May 2000 Pierre Poulin, Sidney Fels
GI '99 Kingston, Ontario 2–4 June 1999 I. Scott MacKenzie, James Stewart
GI '98 Vancouver, B.C. 18–20 June 1998 Alain Fournier, Kelly Booth
GI '97 Kelowna, B.C. 21–23 May 1997 V. Klassen, M. Mantei
GI '96 Toronto, Ontario 22–24 May 1996 Richard Bartels, Wayne A. Davis
GI '95 Québec, Québec 17–19 May 1995 Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
GI '94 Banff, Alberta 18–20 May 1994 B. Joe
GI '93 Toronto, Ontario 19–21 May 1993 Tom Calvert
GI '92 Vancouver, British Columbia 11–15 May 1992 Colin Ware
GI '91 Calgary, Alberta 3–7 June 1991 Eugene Fiume
GI '90 Halifax, Nova Scotia 14–18 May 1990 Brian Wyvill
GI '89 London, Ontario 19–23 June 1989 M. Wein
GI '88 Edmonton, Alberta 6–10 June 1988 D. Peachey
GI '87 (GI + CHI) Toronto, Ontario 5–9 April 1987 J. Caroll, P. Tanner
GI '86 Vancouver, B.C. 26–30 May 1986 M. Green
GI '85 Montréal, Québec 27–31 May 1985 Daniel Thalmann
GI '84 Ottawa, Ontario 28 May-1 June 1984 J. Raymond
GI '83 Edmonton, Alberta 9–13 May 1983 Wayne A. Davis
GI '82 Toronto, Ontario 17–21 May 1982 Bill Buxton, Alain Fournier
7th CMCCC Waterloo, Ontario 10–12 June 1981 P. Tanner
6th CMCCC Ottawa, Ontario 29–30 May 1979 J. Norton
5th CMCCC Calgary, Alberta 26–27 May 1977 Wayne A. Davis
4th CMCCC Ottawa, Ontario 26–27 May 1975 T. Shepertychi
3rd CMCCC Ottawa, Ontario 30–31 May 1973 M. Ito
2nd CMCCC Ottawa, Ontario 31 May-1 June 1971
1st CMCCC Ottawa, Ontario 1969


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