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Graziella Fontana is a Genoese[1] Italian fashion designer who was active in the London Mod fashion scene in the 1960s and early 1970s.[2] One of her designs, a hotpants suit in check Liberty cotton, was chosen as the Dress of the Year in 1971.

Fontana worked for a number of manufacturers and design houses in France and Britain during the 1960s and early 1970s, including Chloé, where she was a co-designer with Karl Lagerfeld from 1965 to 1972.[3][4] Although Italian, and associated with the French house of Chloé, she was also listed alongside Ossie Clark and Foale and Tuffin as one of "England's young mod designers".[2] She also designed for the Italian fashion house Max Mara in the mid-1960s,[5] the Scottish knitwear brand Lyle & Scott,[6] and the English designer Judy (Judith) Hornby, for whom the Dress of the Year hot-pants outfit was created.[7] Fontana was particularly known for her sharply tailored suits.[4]


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