Great Synagogue, Jasło

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Great Synagogue
Basic information
Location Karol Szajnocha St.
Jasło, Poland
Geographic coordinates 49°44′55″N 21°28′16″E / 49.7485613°N 21.4711046°E / 49.7485613; 21.4711046Coordinates: 49°44′55″N 21°28′16″E / 49.7485613°N 21.4711046°E / 49.7485613; 21.4711046
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Country Poland
Status Destroyed in 1939
Completed 1905

The Great Synagogue (Polish: Wielka Synagoga w Jaśle) was an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Jasło, Poland. It was built in 1905, and was destroyed by the German Army during World War II. After the war a restaurant was built in its site. The Forest Hill Jewish Centre announced plans to rebuild the façade of the Jasło Synagogue as the façade of its new building on Spadina Road in Toronto, Canada.[1]


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