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As stipulated under the party's current constitution, the Green Party of Canada holds a national leadership election every 4 years.

Ballots are always mailed out in advance to all Green Party of Canada "members in good standing" - allowing the option of voting by mail to all party members who do not wish to attend the convention in person.

The party uses an instant-runoff voting (IRV) ballot system for the election of its leader and councillors and a standard yes-or-no ballot for voting on constitutional amendments.

National Leadership Conventions (list incomplete)[edit]


Held August 24–27, 2006 in Ottawa, Ontario using a One Member One Vote system.

Candidate Votes
# %
Elizabeth May 2,145 65.34
David Chernushenko 1,096 33.38
Jim Fannon 29 0.88
None of the above 13 0.40
Total 3,283 100.0%


  • 2004 Calgary (Kiwanis camp in foothills), Jim Harris re-elected (first elected by mail ballot 6 months after the Montreal convention).
Candidate Votes
# %
Jim Harris 524 55.16
Tom Manley 352 37.05
John Grogan 74 7.79
Spoiled Ballots 0 0.00
Total 950 100.0%



  • February 14, 2003, Jim Harris elected.
Candidate Votes
# %
Jim Harris 437 81.38
John Grogan 76 14.15
Jason Crummey 24 4.47
Spoiled Ballots 0 0.00
Total 537 100.0%



  • 2002 Montreal (Francophone institute for the blind), no member nominated for leader; Chris Bradshaw chosen to continue on an interim basis.


  • 2000 Ottawa (University of Ottawa), Joan Russow re-elected (resigned in January 2001, Chris Bradshaw elected by national council meeting in February 2001 as interim leader).

Current and Past Green Party of Canada Leaders[edit]


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