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A Green Tortoise tour group on a break, December 1993

Green Tortoise Adventure Travel is a bus tour company founded by Gardner Kent in 1974[1] and based in San Francisco, California that hosts tours in North America, mostly within the United States. It operates a bus line and two hostels (in Seattle and San Francisco). They cater particularly to backpackers; generally young adults and many foreigners, particularly Europeans.

Adventure travel utilitarian-style[edit]

Green Tortoise buses are customized so that passengers can lounge around informally or sleep on bunk beds while the bus is moving. This is done at night so that a new destination can be reached in the morning, saving travelers both the cost of hotel/hostel and the time of traveling so that sights can be seen during the day. The social environment on Green Tortoise buses is more communal than other carriers such as Greyhound or Amtrak. Passengers work together to cook most meals, which are often vegetarian,[2] and include fresh produce. There are usually opportunities for camping during a Tortoise trip. Itineraries typically try to avoid heavily touristed locations and prioritize places of natural and cultural interest such as national parks, monuments, forests, hot springs, or archaeological ruins.

Green Tortoise has historically made trips to a number of destinations in the United States including Alaska and regular summer coast-to-coast routes from San Francisco to Boston and back. Special trips are also arranged to popular festivals every year, including a Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans, the Oregon Country Fair and Burning Man, where they also operate a shuttle bus from the event into nearby Gerlach and Empire, Nevada. International trips have included Mexico (including the Yucatán peninsula and Baja), Guatemala, Belize, and Canada.


According to the Seattle Times Hostelworld named the Green Tortoise as one of the top ten hostels in North America in its 2009 annual awards. [3]

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Free Spirits: Growing Up on the Road and Off the Grid by Joshua Safran

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