Greenstone Ridge Trail

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Greenstone Ridge Trail, on map of Isle Royale National Park.
Trail in woodlands.

The Greenstone Ridge Trail is a 40-mile-long (64 km) hiking trail on Isle Royale, in Lake Superior, northern Michigan. The island is within Isle Royale National Park.

There are no roads on the island, a wilderness area and national park, so the trail doubles as the primary means of land transportation across the island. [1][2]


The trail extends from Windigo Harbor and the Windigo Ranger Station on the island's western end, east across Isle Royale, to Rock Harbor and the Rock Harbor Lodge. [1]

The Greenstone Ridge Trail generally follows the top of Greenstone Ridge, a low ridge that forms the east/west spine of the island and surmounts Mount Desor, the highest point of Isle Royale.[1] Hikers may appreciate the higher elevations as they can reduce biting mosquitoes, which are found in great numbers in the lower elevation wetlands.

Natural history[edit]

Hikers may see signs of the wolves and moose on Isle Royale; although scarce and shy, the woodlands that adjoin the trail are their habitat.[2] The Greenstone Ridge and its Trail are both named after Chlorastrolite (Greenstone), a local semiprecious stone that is the state gem of the U.S. state of Michigan. Greenstone can be seen in various locations on Isle Royale, including shoreline pebbles.

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