Greenville Technical Charter High School

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Greenville Technical Charter High School

Coordinates34°49′34″N 82°22′31″W / 34.826162°N 82.375277°W / 34.826162; -82.375277Coordinates: 34°49′34″N 82°22′31″W / 34.826162°N 82.375277°W / 34.826162; -82.375277
AuthorityGTC Charter Schools
PrincipalMary Nell Anthony [1]
Grades9 to 12
Enrollment435 [1] (2017–18)
Color(s)Blue and white

Greenville Technical Charter High School (GTCHS) is a small school located on the Barton Campus of Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina, United States. It is a middle college/early college high school.[clarification needed]

College Classes[edit]

Students can start taking college classes starting their sophomore year with two per semester. This number increases until students' senior year where they can take up to four classes per semester.

A majority of classes can be transferred over to other universities and colleges.


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