Gregg Hale (musician)

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Gregg Hale
Birth nameGregory Hale
BornJanuary 29
GenresAlternative rock
Indie rock
Occupation(s)Musician, Producer, Recording.
Years active1995—present
LabelsArista Records, Handsome Rob Records

Gregg Hale (born January 29 in Idaho Falls) is an American musician, record producer, and recording engineer best known for playing guitar for multi-platinum British band Spiritualized, his work as an A&R Rep, and his recording work with the Fox Soccer Channel, The Glenn Beck Program, Disney, KONAMI, and Guitar Hero.

Musical History[edit]

Hale played in many bands, but in 1997, while living in Liverpool England, he met Sean Cook, Mike Mooney, and Damon Reece, all members of multi-platinum band Spiritualized. He played guitar with Spiritualized in 1997 and 1998, helping fill out live sound after the release of Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, which NME magazine named as their Album of the Year. He left the band in 1998, several months before Cook, Mooney and Reece left the band, but remains good friends with the current members.[1]


Since his time with Spiritualized, he has moved back to America, and worked as an A&R rep for several record labels, including Arista Records. He currently splits time between Idaho Falls, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah.[2]

Since Spiritualized, he has played in a wide range of bands including the funk rock band Soloman's Fence, the Post-Rock band Our Dark Horse, the Indie rock band Last Response, the progressive metal band American Hollow, and currently in a 90's tribute band. He is sponsored by ZT Amplifiers, and can often be seen playing through their "Lunchbox" and "Club" Amps. He is a multi-instrumentalist, having played guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, organ, cello, violin, viola, bagpipes, and vocals on various CDs.

As a Producer, he founded and owns the record label Handsome Rob Records and Lincoln Street Sound Studio in Salt Lake, and has judged many music and battle-of-the-bands competitions.[3] He has recorded many bands, as well as played guitar and bass, among other instruments, on many albums as a session musician. He has also done extensive recording work for Fox, and Fox Soccer Channel.

In 2005, he and David Reilly, formerly of God Lives Underwater, began collaborating on a new project, writing songs centered on the death of Reilly's fiance. The project was short lived, due to Reilly's death in October 2005.

Gregg has four College degrees, including a Master Of Business Administration, and has attended Ricks College, BYU, and UVU.

Gregg is LDS, and reviews music for LDS music blog Linescratchers.[4]

He is first cousins on his father's side with NFL lineman David Hale.

He is second cousins on his mother's side with The Osmonds.

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