Gremikha Bay

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Gremikha Bay
Губа Гремиха
Клавдия Еланская в Гремихе.jpg
The Russian Maria Yermolova-class passenger ship Claudia Elanskaya near Gremikha
Location Northeastern Kola Peninsula
Coordinates 68°04′N 39°33′E / 68.067°N 39.550°E / 68.067; 39.550Coordinates: 68°04′N 39°33′E / 68.067°N 39.550°E / 68.067; 39.550[1]
Type Bay
Primary inflows Barents Sea
Settlements Ostrovnoy, Murmansk Oblast, Russia

Gremikha Bay (Russian: Губа Гремиха) is a bay on the northeastern portion of the Kola Peninsula in the far northwest of Russia, near the closed town of Ostrovnoy[1] (which was formerly known as Gremikha),[2] in the Murmansk Oblast.


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