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EP by Gangrene and Roc Marciano
Released July 19, 2011
Genre Hip hop
Length 18:59 / 21:57 (with bonus track)
Label Decon
Producer The Alchemist, Oh No
Gangrene chronology
Gutter Water
Vodka & Ayahuasca
Roc Marciano chronology
The Prophecy EP

Greneberg, is a 6 tracks Extented Play (and a bonus track for Digital Download) by "Gangrene", (the collaboration of the rappers/producers The Alchemist and Oh No) and the rapper/producer "Roc Marciano".
The Album was released in July 19, 2011, and a Limited Edition vinyl picture disc pressing, came out in August 2011 - on "Decon Records". The EP production is made by The Alchemist, Oh No and Roc Marciano.

Track list[edit]

Side 1 - Roc Marciano

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Momma Told Me (Roc Marciano)" Roc Marciano 03:33
2. "Hoard 90 (Roc Marciano)" The Alchemist 02:49
3. "Jet Luggage (Roc Marciano feat. Gangrene)" Gangrene 03:16

Side 2 - The Alchemist + Oh No - Gangrene

No. Title Producer(s) Length
4. "Papercuts (Gangrene)" The Alchemist 02:18
5. "New Shit (Gangrene)" Oh No 02:41
6. "Sewer Gravy (Gangrene feat. Roc Marciano)" The Alchemist 04:23


  • In "Sewer Gravy", The Alchemist made a beat similar to that in the song "Gutter Water" (different similar parts of a song for samples), from the album Gutter Water. Also, The Alchemist's verse in "Sewer Gravy" has some references to his verse on "Gutter Water".


  • "Momma Told Me" – Contains a sample from "Everything Look Good (Ain't Good)" by Bill Wright.
  • "Hoard 90" – Contains a sample from "Attic Thoughts" by Bo Hansson.
  • "Paper Cuts" – Containsa sample from "Dream Racer 1" by George Yanaki, Katsuo Ohno and Nadja Band.
  • "Sewer Gravy" – Contains a sample from "Grand Central Shuffle" by Johnny Griffith inc.