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Grid, The Grid, or GRID may refer to:

Space partitioning[edit]

  • Regular grid, a tessellation of space with translational symmetry, typically formed from parallelograms or higher-dimensional analogs
  • Grid reference system, a coordinate system relative to a particular map projection
  • Grid (spatial index), a discretization of a geometric domain into a set of contiguous cells, used to organize information
  • Grid (graphic design) (or typographic grid), organized lines for guiding graphic design
  • Grid plan, a city design with streets running at right angles
  • Grid paper, paper with a regular grid printed on it
  • Hex grid, a board game design
  • Grid illusion, various optical illusions involving a grid
  • Grid view, a graphical user interface component used in spreadsheet software


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Place names[edit]

  • Grid, a village administered by Călan town, Hunedoara County, Romania
  • Grid, a village in Părău Commune, Braşov County, Romania
  • Grid, a tributary of the Valea Luncanilor River in Hunedoara County, Romania
  • Grid, a tributary of the Părău River in Brașov County, Romania

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