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A promotional logo image for Grihasti.
Created bySphere Origins
Written byPurnendu Shekhar
Directed byMohit Hussain & Ravi Raj
Creative director(s)Nimisha Pandey
StarringSee Below
Opening theme"Grihasti" by Pamela Jain & Khushbu Jain
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes285
Producer(s)Sanjoy Wadhwa & Comall Wadhwa
Running time24 minutes
Production company(s)Sphere Origins
Original networkSTAR Plus
Picture format480i (SDTV),
Original release25 February 2008 –
27 March 2009

Grihasti is a family drama produced by Sphere Origins, that aired on STAR Plus. The show premiered on 25 February 2008 and aired until 27 March 2009.


Grihasti is based upon the Khurana family. After the death of the family's patriarch, Balraaj, the women realize that they must come together to succeed in their male-dominated society. As a result of this and of destiny, the women become more independent. This change in their life shows the importance of many female roles in society: wife, daughter, grandmother, and sister. It is shown that Rishi (Simar's husband) is having an affair with his secretary Priya. Simar is getting a little doubtful.

The Balraaj family house is taken by the fraudulent Lucky Kapoor and his wife and mother. The Balraaj family are trying to get it back by playing Lucky's trick on him. They disguise themselves as potential buyers of their house and, in the end, they get it back on Holi. But on Holi Manas and Ronak get Rishi high on cannabis and he goes and hugs Priya. Then he tells Simar that he is having an affair. The whole family breaks down especially Simar. Simar finds out that she is pregnant; Priya tells Rishi. Lucky Kapoor comes out of jail and is determined to kill Ronak so he goes to the Balraj house. He gets into a fight with him. Soni interferes and ends up falling down the stairs. She loses a lot of blood so Priya donates her blood to her. She makes Rishi realise that he still loves Simar. So they get back together again.

Eight months later, Simar goes into labour and has a baby boy.

Two years later, Rano and Soni are pregnant and Simar's child is two. There is a problem at work so the daughters go solve it. Soni first goes into labour, then so does Rano. It is too late to go to the hospital so they have their children at home: two girls. Everyone is happy with their husbands, children and family. They name Rano's baby Rani and Soni's baby Khushi.


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