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Grill or Grille may refer to:

In food[edit]

  • Barbecue grill, a device or surface used for cooking food, usually fuelled by gas or charcoal, or the part of a cooker that performs this function
  • Grilling, a form of cooking that involves direct heat
  • A restaurant that serves grilled food, such as a "bar and grill"




  • Grill (jewelry), a form of dental jewelry commonly associated with hip hop
  • Grill (philately), a pattern of indentations on a postage stamp
  • Grille, architectural element
  • Grille (motor vehicle), an opening in the bodywork of a vehicle to allow air to enter
  • Grille (artillery), a self-propelled artillery piece used by Germany during World War II
  • Grill (cryptology), method used chiefly early on, before the advent of the cyclometer, by the mathematician-cryptologists of the Polish Cipher Bureau in decrypting the German Enigma machine
  • Grille (cryptography), a technique for encrypting a plaintext by writing it onto a sheet of paper through a pierced sheet
  • Grille, a decorative window Muntin for simulating separate panes
  • Grillwork, decorative grating

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