Grippe (album)

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Studio album by Jawbox
Released May 1991
Recorded January-November 1990
Genre Post-hardcore, punk rock
Length 44:01
Label Dischord
Producer J. Robbins
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Grippe is the debut album by post-hardcore band, Jawbox. It was released in May 1991 on Dischord Records.

Recorded throughout the year of 1990, Jawbox's first effort was generally brushed off by critics as a sloppy but promising debut. According to Allmusic, it was "essentially recorded after getting enough songs together to fill out a 12" chunk of vinyl" calling it "an enjoyable, albeit introspectively brutal record."[1] Reviewer Andy Kellman also described the music included in the album as the marriage of the "earlier crunchy side of Joy Division with Throb Throb-era Naked Raygun" while highlighting their cover of the Joy Division track "Something Must Break".[1]

The track "Consolation Prize" appeared in a demo cassette-tape that was floating around the hardcore scene at the time (the demo version was called simply "Consolation") but was a harder, faster more upbeat version than what appeared in the album with a blazing guitar solo. The last four tracks on the album had been released as an EP in 1990.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Freezerburn" - 3:39
  2. "Impossible Figure" - 2:54
  3. "Tools and Chrome" - 2:31
  4. "Paint Out the Light" - 2:28
  5. "Consolation Prize" - 3:29
  6. "Grip" - 3:34
  7. "Ballast" - 1:47
  8. "Something Must Break" (Joy Division) - 2:33
  9. "Green-Line Delayed" - 3:33
  10. "Bullet Park" - 2:40
  11. "Manatee Bound" - 3:41

The following tracks were added to the album, culled from other releases:

  1. "Footbinder" (from a Simple Machines 7") - 1:54

From Jawbox's self-titled debut 7":

  1. "Tools and Chrome" - 2:26
  2. "Secret History" - 2:21
  3. "Ballast" - 1:55
  4. "Twister" - 2:32

Note - All songs written by Jawbox, with the exception of #8 Something Must Break.


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