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Groovie Ghoulies
OriginSacramento, California, United States
GenresPunk rock, pop punk, horror punk
Years active1983–2007
LabelsLookout!, Springman, Stardumb, Green Door, Eccentric Pop
Associated actsThe Haints
Kepi Ghoulie
Past membersKepi

The Groovie Ghoulies were an American pop punk band from Sacramento, California, United States, whose music took inspiration from horror movies.[1] They released numerous albums, EPs, and singles, and toured internationally. The band's name was taken from the 1970s animated television series Groovie Goolies, a spinoff of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.


Though the group's lineup fluctuated significantly throughout their career, bassist/vocalist Jeff Alexander (under the punk name "Kepi") remained a constant fixture.[2] Guitarist Rochelle "Roach" Sparman (lead singer Kepi's wife) was also a longtime member.[2] The Groovie Ghoulies' music is best classified as pop-punk and is heavily influenced by early punk groups such as the Ramones, the Misfits,[3] and The Dickies, 1960s garage rock and bubblegum artists such as The Troggs and The Monkees, and 1950s rock and roll artists such as Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. Throughout their career the Groovie Ghoulies recorded cover versions of songs by several of these artists as well as other influences including KISS, Daniel Johnston and Neil Diamond.

The Groovie Ghoulies announced their breakup on May 9, 2007, just days prior to the release of their ninth studio album 99 Lives.[4] The main reason for the breakup was the difficulty of having kept the band together after Kepi and Roach had divorced.[5]

In 2008, two tribute albums were released. Let's Go Ghoulie from US-based Knowhere Records and When The Kids Go Go Go Crazy on German label Kamikaze Records each featured artists from Europe and North America.

Lead singer Jeff (Kepi) Alexander has recorded cover versions of Groovie Ghoulies songs on various releases since the band's breakup. Fun In The Dark with The Accelerators was released in 2015; Re-Animation Festival, with his band The Copyrights, was released in 2019.

Former band members[edit]

  • Jeff (Kepi) Alexander – bass, lead vocals (original and final line up)
  • Rochelle (Roach) Sparman – guitar, backing vocals (final line up)
  • Nora (Scampi) Fasano – drums, backing vocals (final line up)
  • John (Rudge) Rudgers – guitar (original line up)
  • Geolyn Carvin – guitar, backing vocals (original line up)
  • John (Vetty) Vetter – bass (original line up)
  • John Phillip (Johny) Sosa – drums (original line up)
  • John Harris – drums
  • Dan (Panic) Sullivan – drums
  • Wendy Powell – drums, backing vocals
  • B-Face Rat – bass
  • Matt K. Shrugg – drums
  • Jaz Brown – drums
  • Dan Reynoso (Danny Secretion) – drums
  • Jason Patrone – bass (quit after 2 weeks)
  • Skid Jones – guitar
  • Amy – Drums
  • Brian – Drums
  • Dave – Drums
  • Andrew Phillips – guitar



Year Title Label Format Other information
1989 Appetite for Adrenochrome Crimson Corpse Records LP/CD First album. Re-released in 1996 by Lookout! Records, in 2003 by Springman Records, and in 2015 by Green Door Records and Eccentric Pop Records.
1994 Born in the Basement Green Door Records LP/CD Re-released in 1996 by Lookout! Records and in 2004 by Springman Records.
1996 World Contact Day Lookout! Records LP/CD Re-released in 2002 by Springman Records.
1997 Re-Animation Festival Lookout! Records LP/CD Re-released in 2003 by Springman Records.
1999 Fun in the Dark Lookout! Records LP/CD Re-released in 2003 by Springman Records.
2000 Travels With My Amp Lookout! Records LP/CD
2002 Go! Stories Stardumb Records LP/CD Re-released with bonus tracks in 2002 by Green Door Records.
2003 Monster Club Stardumb Records CD Re-released in 2004 by Green Door Records.
2007 99 Lives Green Door Records CD Final album.
2014 Flying Saucer Rock N Roll Green Door Records, Eccentric Pop Records LP/CD First three 7"s remastered onto a full-length LP


Year Title Label Format Other information
1997 "Planet Brian Jones" Supersonic RefrigeRecords 7" Italy Release
2001 Freaks on Parade Stardumb Records CD Re-released on vinyl by Surfin' Ki Records in 2014.
2001 Summer Fun with the Groovie Ghoulies Green Door Records CD 2001 tour CD with Fanzine
2002 Summer Fun 2002 Green Door Records CD 2002 tour CD with Fanzine
2005 Berry'd Alive Green Door Records CD/10" Covers of songs originally performed by Chuck Berry.


Year Title Label Format Other information
1986 "Flying Saucer" Crimson Corpse Records 7" Groovie Ghoulies first release
1988 "Don't Go Out Into the Rain" Crimson Corpse Records 7" Side B: Dead Moon/Child of the Moon
1988 "Armageddon 2000" Crimson Corpse Records 7"
1990 "Hello Hello" Crimson Corpse Records 7"
1992 "Lost Generation" Gift of Life 7"
1992 "Christmas on Mars" Crimson Corpse Records 7"
1995 "The Beast with 5 Hands" Green Door Records 7"
1996 "Island of Pogo Pogo" Lookout! Records 7" Lookout No. 146 Side B:"Gates of Steel"
1997 "Magic 8 Ball" What Else? 7"
1997 "Running With Bigfoot" Lookout! Records CD/ 7" Lookout No. 177
1997 "Graveyard Girlfriend" Lookout! Records 7" Side B: Trick or Treat (Chuck Berry)/Devil Town (Daniel Johnston)
2000 "Vampire Girl" Supersonic RefrigeRecords 7" Picture Disc Italy Release


Year Title Label Format Other information
2004 Cake Sprit EP Stingray 7" 4 way split Groovie Ghoulies/The Spazzys/Dazes/Mach Pelican
1997 3 for the Price of One Sell Out 7" Groovie Ghoulies/Wankin' Teenagers/Receivers split
1998 Chronic for the Troops Delmonico CD/7" Split with Chixdiggit!
1998 "Funny Funny" Gearhead Records 7" RPM No. 007 – b/w The Donnas "Wig-Wam Bam"
1999 Wedding Invitation What Else? 12" heart shaped vinyl made for a wedding invitation. Lynrd's Innards/Groovie Ghoulies/Slingshot Episode split
2004 'Til Death do us Party Springman Records 7" Split with the Secretions

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Tantrum – 1990 LP/CD
  • Gabba Gabba Hey – 1991 CD
  • Groin Thunder – 1992 CD
  • Heide Sez – 1996 CD
  • Team Mint – 1996 CD
  • Back Asswards – 1996 CD
  • More Bounce to the Ounce – 1997 CD
  • The Last Great Thing You Did – 1997 CD
  • Psycho Sisters – 1998 CD
  • Forward Til Death – 1999 CD
  • Built For Speed – 1999 CD
  • Short Music For Short People – 1999 CD
  • Runnin' On Fumes – 2000 CD
  • Lookout! Freakout – 2000 CD
  • 3 Chord Rocket Science – 2001 CD
  • A Tribute to NOFX – 2002 CD
  • A Punk Tribute to AC/DC – 2002 CD
  • Third Strike Punk Rock Strike Volume Three – 2002 CD
  • A Fistful of Rock N Roll Vol. No. 10 – 2002 CD
  • Pop Punk Loves You – 2002 CD
  • The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show – 2003 CD
  • Punk Rock High School Int. – 2004 CD
  • MolokoPlus No. 26 – 2004 CD
  • Volume 4: Pop Punk – 2005 CD
  • Backyard City Rockers 3 – 2005 CD


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