Guandu Temple

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Coordinates: 25°7′4.3″N 121°27′49.6″E / 25.117861°N 121.463778°E / 25.117861; 121.463778

Guandu Temple
Kuan-du Temple.JPG
Traditional Chinese

Guandu Temple is a folk temple in the Beitou District of Taipei, Taiwan, worshipping the sea-goddess Mazu.[1][2]


The temple was originally constructed in 1712. It was also known as Lingshan Temple due to its location at Mount Ling.[3]


The temple is filled with carved dragon pillars, stone lions and wall sculptures. The door gods are in the form of relief carvings. The rafters and beams are also carved and painted. The image of Mazu sits on the main altar.


The temple is accessible within walking distance south of Guandu Station of Taipei Metro.[4]

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