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Guardians of Time (art)

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Time Guardians by Manfred Kielnhofer 2006
Occupy Kassel, documenta (13)
The light art project Guardians of Time on tour in Venice, St. Mark's Square, 2011
Public Art Project on Tour in Basel, Art Basel, Design Miami / Basel, Liste, Scope, Volta, 2011
Ferryman to the Art Basel 2012
Guardians of Time, Festival of Lights (Berlin) French Cathedral, Berlin, Velotaxi 2011
Giants GOT, Steyr

The Guardians of Time, is an art project of the Austrian sculptor Manfred Kielnhofer.

Idea and history[edit]

The Guardians of Time were developed by the artist Manfred Kielnhofer, who believes that mankind is watched and protected by strange characters. Kielnhofer has always been interested in the human being as a model and potential source of danger. In 2006 he created the first life-size "Time Guardians" for the Skulpturenpark Artpark in Linz. Which resembles a monk not by human-size but by form as a tool in his art.[1] Over the years, he placed his Time Guardians in public places such as ancient castles, squares, old mines or parks. Kielnhofer’s art explores the human desire for security and reflects genuine exploration of the current historic moods and sensibilities.

In 2012 Kielnhofer designed the Mini guards as a limited edition made out of plastic in various colors that can be illuminated from within. One was ordered by Peter Weibel for the ZKM in 2012. The Guardians of Time settled in during Art Dubai 2013 and the first cast bronze guardian was made by the art foundry Krismer. In 2014, ancient giant people statues were shown at the Festival of Lights in Berlin and at the 56th Venice Biennale Of Art. Kielnhofer also worked with glass at Berengo Studio Murano Venice and created a fine empty coat of white Carrara marble by Studio Massimo Galleni in 2016.[citation needed]


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