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Gunshot was a British hip hop group, formed by MC Mercury, MC Alkaline, Q-Roc, DJ White Child Rix and DJ/MC Barry Blue in the area of Leyton in east London, around 1988/1989. They were originally called Sudden Impact.


They released their debut single "Battle Creek Brawl" (Vinyl Solution, 1990) to some acclaim, which was followed swiftly by the single "No Sell Out/Crime Story" (Vinyl Solution, 1991). Both singles were well received within the hip hop scene, but following this release Q-Roc left the group to join Son of Noise under the name Curoc. Mercury, Alkaline and White Child Rix continued with the group, releasing a succession of singles in 1991/1992 that soon cemented them a place as one of the leaders of the UK hip hop scene.[citation needed] Their style was hardcore and fast, quickly coming to be considered—along with groups such as Hijack—the defining style of the genre.[citation needed]

One of their releases in this period was "Killing Season/Nobody Move" (Vinyl Solution, 1992), which was the first of their tunes to feature guest vocals from the rapper Barry Blue. Blue continued to provide guest vocals on some tracks for the group right up until their final album, as well as releasing the White Child Rix produced "The Story Begins . . . EP" (Move, 1994) as a solo artist.

The reception of Gunshot's first singles by British hip hop fans and DJ's was good and demand grew for an album. The group released Patriot Games, notable for the track "Mind of a Razor," which was subsequently released as a single and included a remix by the British extreme metal band, Napalm Death. Patriot Games reached number 60 in the UK Albums Chart in June 1993.[1]

More singles followed, including "Color Code" (Vinyl Solution, 1994) which featured remixes by Depth Charge - repaying the favour of Alkaline rapping for them on the "Depth Charge vs Silver Fox" (Silver Fox Records, 1991) single.

A second album was never released, instead Vinyl Solution released a compilation of the group's singles. This marked the end of Gunshot's association with Vinyl Solution, and the group went underground. They communicated with their fans via their now defunct website, whilst they worked on getting a new recording contract.

Another single and album – Twilights Last Gleaming (Words of Warning, 1997), which was well received[by whom?], but led to another long period away from the limelight as they worked on producing their next album, International Rescue (Words of Warning, 2000) which was released on CD only. Most notable on the album was the track "The English Patient", which included guest spots from The Icepick, Blade, MC Mell'O' and Chester P. The album was billed as Gunshot's final before it was released. In 2017 Naked Ape Records and Underground United reissued the album on double vinyl.

In more recent years, Alkaline has guested on tracks by Junior Disprol and Aspects.



  • Battle Creek Brawl (Vinyl Solution, 1990)
  • Crime Story / No Sell Out (Vinyl Solution, 1991)
  • Clear From Present Danger / Interception Squad (Vinyl Solution, 1991)
  • Killing Season / Nobody Move! (Vinyl Solution, 1992)
  • Children of a Dying Breed (Vinyl Solution, 1993)
  • Mind of a Razor (Vinyl Solution, 1994)
  • Colour Code / Gunshots History (Vinyl Solution, 1994)
  • Colour Code Remixes (Vinyl Solution, 1994)
  • Ghetto Heartbeat (Words of Warning, 1997)


  • Compilation (Vinyl Solution, 1992)
  • Patriot Games (Vinyl Solution, 1993)
  • The Singles (Vinyl Solution, 1994)
  • Phantasmagoria (Unreleased 1994)[2]
  • Twilights Last Gleaming (Words of Warning, 1997)
  • International Rescue (CD on Words of Warning, 2000)
  • International Rescue (2xLP on Naked Ape Records / Underground United 2017)[3]


  • Construct Destruct on Underground United Vol. 1 (Naked Ape Records / Underground United, 2009)[4]
  • Bullet Entering Chest (Original Version) on Underground United Vol. 2 (Naked Ape Records / Underground United, 2011)[5]
  • Average New Yorker on Underground United Vol. 3 (Naked Ape Records / Underground United, 2016)[6]


  • Senser – "Age of Panic (The Sick Man Remix) (Ultimate Records 1994)
  • Pitchshifter – " Triad (Gunshot Remix)" on the remix album [The Remix War] along with Therapy? & Biohazard (Earache 1994)
  • Die Krupps – "Crossfire (Gunshot Remix)" on the album [Fatherland] (Cleopatra 1995)
  • Hoodwink – "Dun' Like A Kipper (Gunshot Mix)" (Mute Records 1997)
  • Chumbawamba – "Tubthumping (Gunshot Mix) (EMI 1997)

Guest appearances[edit]

  • Depth Charge – "Depth Charge vs Silver Fox" (Vinyl Solution, 1991)
  • B.R.O.T.H.E.R. Congress – "Ghettogedden" (1992)
  • Killa Instinct – "No More Need For Whisphering" ft Gunshot and II Tone Committee (Move, 1996) The Penultimate Sacrfice EP)
  • DJ White Child Rix – scratching on Chumbawamba's album WYSIWYG (EMI, 2000)
  • Aspects – "Chase The Devil" ft MC Alkaline (Sanctuary Records 2004) Mystery Theatre? LP

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