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Vinyl Solution was a record label of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the offshoot of an independent London-based record store based at 231 Portobello Road (now known as Intoxica Records). The label signed many unconventional acts in a number of uncompromising genres, such as skatepunk thrash band The Stupids, Britcore rappers Gunshot, and Bomb Disneyland. The label had its biggest success when one of the label's techno-dance groups, Bizarre Inc, made the UK Pop charts with the song "Playing with Knives".[citation needed]


Jonathan Saul Kane[edit]

Depth Charge's Jonathan Saul Kane was a key member in the organisation of the label, with a number of projects releasing discs on the label. In the mid 1990s he set up D.C. Recordings as a replacement for Vinyl Solution, with several other new offshoots catering for a number of subgenres in the dance music spectrum.The label's name was a pun on "The Final Solution", a Pere Ubu song.

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