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Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib is a Sikh gurdwara or place of worship in the city of Fatehgarh Sahib in the Indian state of Punjab. The gurdwara marks the 1710 conquest of the city by the Sikhs under the leadership of Banda Bahadur.[1] Sikhs captured the area and razed the fort built by Ferozshah Tughlaq to the ground.[2]


To commemorate the martyrdom of younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh, who were bricked-up alive in 1704 by Wazir Khan, the then Governor or Fauzdar of Sirhind, a magnificent gurdwara was constructed.

Main Gurudwara Complex[edit]

Sarovar (sacred pool) at Fatehgarh Sahib Gurdwara, Punjab, India.

A number of gurdwaras are also located in the main complex of Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib.

Gurudwara Bhora Sahib[edit]

The historical wall where the younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh were bricked-up alive has been preserved in this gurdwara. The sanctuary containing the historic wall known as Gurudwara Bhora Sahib.

Gurudwara Burj Mata Gujri[edit]

At this site Baba Zorawar Singh ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji, the two younger sons of tenth guru of sikhs Guru Gobind Singh and his mother were kept in confinement by Wazir Khan. The fort was known as Thanda Burj, and was considered a cool place during the summer. However, it was a punishment for Guru's sons and his mother to be kept here in extreme winter. It was at this place that Mata Gujri collapsed on hearing the news of the martyrdom of her grandsons. Later on, Gurdwara Mata Gujri was constructed here.

Gurudwara Shahid Ganj[edit]

The Gurudwara Shahid Ganj was built to commemorate the memory of the brave Sikhs who were killed while fighting with Mughal forces under the banner of Banda Bahadur. They were cremated here.

Todar Mal Jain Hall[edit]

A very big hall in memory of Seth Todar Mal who purchased land by paying gold coins for the cremation of the said martyrs lies behind the main gurdwara.


A large sacred pool or sarovar is also located in the Complex.

Shaheedi Jor Mela[edit]

An historic Shaheedi Jor Mela is held here in the month of December every year[3] when large number of pilgrims visit.

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