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The coat-of-arms of the Hungarian Gutkeled clan

Gutkeled (spelling variants: Gut-Keled, Guthkeled, Guth-Keled) was the name of a gens (Latin for "clan"; nemzetség in Hungarian) in the Kingdom of Hungary, to which a number of Hungarian noble families belong.


The primary source of their origins is the Gesta Hungarorum of Simon of Kéza, in which the author writes:

Sed postea, tempore Petri regis Kelad et Gut intrant tres frateres ex gente Svevorum procreati. De castello Stof sunt nativi.
″But afterwards, during the reign of king Peter, Kelad and Gut three brothers of Swabian descent immigrated. They were born at the castle of Stof.″

The castle "Stof" is assumed to be a corruption of Stauf, meaning either castle Stauf in Staufen im Breisgau or the Hohenstaufen castle in Württemberg. The king mentioned is Péter Orseolo, placing the arrival of the Gutkeleds to Hungary sometime around the 1040s.[1]

Noble families[edit]

Some of the Hungarian noble families descending from the Gutkeleds are:

Notable members[edit]


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  • One of the Guthkeled coat-of-arms, similar devices were later used by most of the families.