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Gwen Matthewman (1927[1] — 6 March 2014 (aged 86)) born in Streethouse, later of Featherstone, was an English Guinness World Record holder in knitting between 1980 and 2005. In 1968 her knitting technique was analysed by Japanese professors in Tokyo, before Apollo 11's departure for the moon Gwen knitted a sweater for Neil Armstrong, receiving a letter of receipt from Robert R. Gilruth, the director of NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center, the sweater is held at the Ohio History Center,[2] a copy of this sweater was worn by Danny Lloyd in the role of Danny Torrance in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.[3] Gwen knitted a sweater for boxer Richard Dunn prior to his The Ring, World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing Association (WBA) World Heavyweight title defeat by Muhammad Ali at Olympiahalle, Munich, West Germany on Monday 24 May 1976.[4] She also appeared on Blue Peter, with Roy Castle, Norris McWhirter, and Ross McWhirter on Record Breakers in 1973, with David Frost on Breakfast with Frost, and Game for a Laugh. Gwen set the world record with a speed of 111 stitches per minute in a test at Phildar's[1] Wool Shop in Central Street, Leeds on Monday 29 September 1980. Gwen appeared with David Letterman on Late Night with David Letterman alongside; Dana Delany, Lonnie Mack, and Sam Kinison, on Friday 13 April 1990. Gwen Matthewman's word record was broken in 2005 by Miriam Tegals of the Netherlands who attained 118 stitches in one minute. Note: There is currently a dispute between the Matthewman family and Guinness about the format in which Miriam Tegals record was obtained. World knitting records are recorded over three minutes and not the one minute that Mrs Tegals recorded. Gwen Matthewman knitted 333 stitches in three minutes with an average of 111 stitches per minute and the closest to date is 268 stitches per minute which is 65 stitches short of Mrs Matthewmans record.

Genealogical information[edit]

Gwen Matthewman's (née Jones) marriage to Gordon Matthewman (birth registered January→March 1928 (age 89–90) in Pontefract district) was registered during April→June 1948 in Pontefract district, they had children; David Matthewman (birth registered October→December 1948 (age 69–70) in Lower Agbrigg district), Kevin Matthewman (birth registered April→June 1959 (age 58–59) in Hemsworth district), Wendy (Jane) Matthewman (birth registered October→December 1959 (age 58–59) in Lower Agbrigg district), and Roger Matthewman (birth registered October→December 1965 (age 52–53) in Pontefract district).


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