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Gymnasium Philippinum or Philippinum High School is an almost 500-year-old secondary school in Marburg, Hesse, Germany.


The Gymnasium Philippinum was founded in 1527 as a Protestant school based at the same time with the University of Marburg (Marburger University) created by Philipp I of Hesse. The goal of the Gymnasium Philippinum was, above all, to provide young students with the knowledge of Latin and Greek they required. Only in 1833 did the Gymnasium Philippinum attain independence from the University of Marburg. After 1866, it became a royal-Prussian High School. In 1868, the school was moved into a gothic building in the Untergasse. In 1904, it received its current name, in honor of the school's founder on his 400th birthday.

In 1953 co-education was introduced to the former boys school. In 1969, the school moved into a new building on Leopold Lucas road, opposite the Elizabeth school (Elisabethschule).

Philippinum today[edit]

Since 2003, the Gymnasium Philippinum has become an all-day school. In 2006, the school term (German: Gymnasialzeit) was shortened to eight school years. A special emphasis of Philippinum is music instruction with musical support from early on and an achievement course in music in the upper stage. The humanistic tradition of Philippinum continues in its foreign language instruction, with Latin and English beginning in the fifth year of education.

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