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Hòa Minzy
Hoa Minzy - Chap nhan.jpg
Hòa Minzy acting in "Chấp nhận"
Background information
Birth nameNguyễn Thị Hòa
Born (1995-05-31) 31 May 1995 (age 23)
Bắc Ninh, Vietnam
  • Vocals
Years active2014–present
  • Stars Park Entertainment

  • HMZ Entertainment

Hòa Minzy ( Birth name: Nguyễn Thị Hòa, born May 31, 1995 in Bắc Ninh ) is a Vietnamese singer and actress. She is the champion of the reality television competition Star Academy Vietnam in its first season.[1] Hòa Minzy is known to the audience as a young Vietnamese female singer who possesses a strong and inspirational voice.[2][3]


Hòa Minzy was born in Quế Võ, Bắc Ninh, Vietnam, on May 31, 1995. She was the fourth of five children in the her family.[4]Hòa Minzy has been interested in singing since her childhood. Determining to pursue her passion, in the 11th grade, Hòa Minzy asked her parents to go to Hanoi alone, earn her living and study music. She earned the first money to feed herself by singing in tea rooms, cafes and accepting models for many teen magazines .[4][5]

Joining the 2014 Star Academy Vietnam, Hòa Minzy made a strong impression on the judges and the audience about the ability to sing, dance and transform different styles. The song "Làng Quan Họ quê tôi" (Lang Quan Ho my hometown) was performed successfully by her in the final night. Excellent over many heavyweight opponents, Hòa Minzy won the championship, after three months of competition.[6][7]

Not only showing talent in the field of music, Hòa Minzy is also a TV star admired by audiences,[8][9] because of her energetic performances, her clever and flexible improvisation ability through Game show and Talk show she attended.[10][11] In addition, Hòa Minzy tried her best in various roles such as an actress[12] or a host[13]


2014: Entering showbiz with the title of Champion[edit]

On June 18, 2014, Hòa Minzy was crowned Champion of the first season Star Academy Vietnam finale with an audience rating of 51.16%. In the moment of coronation, Hòa Minzy happily shared: " The winner is not the best, but the one who can do anything in response to everyone's feelings for him all the time. Before I entered the Star Academy and until now, I was not a perfect person. But I realized my shortcomings to continue the music path.[14] After the competition, she officially stepped into the path of professional art activities.[15]

In November 2014, Hòa Minzy released the debut music video "Thư chưa gửi anh"(My letter has not been sent to him yet), the song that previously composer Nguyễn Hải Phong composed for her, this is the first new song he wrote after 2 years " Pen holder ". Hòa Minzy's debut single received positive feedback from the audience.[16]

On December 25, 2014, Hòa Minzy released the Audio MV song "Gửi"(Sending him) with gentle melody, romance and many emotions .[17]

2015: The first career hit: "Ăn gì đây"(What to eat?)[edit]

In June 2015, Hòa Minzy recorded the song "Sẽ chiến thắng"(Will win) to support the Vietnamese team at the 2015 Southeast Asian Games .[18]

July 2015, Hòa Minzy cooperated with Mr. T to release "Ăn gì đây "(What to eat?) MV.[19] This is a product that "stormed" the online community around mid-2015. Hòa Minzy's youthful and fun melody and natural and liberal singing style really made a strong impression on the young public.[20] "Ăn gì đây" once reached the favorite song in August 2015 and became the focus of this show, the performance of Hòa Minzy & Mr. T has received many compliments from the professional council and guests of the program. Besides, "What to eat " also has a humanistic meaning, that is to express the spirit of promoting traditional dishes of the North - Central - South as well as the pride of Vietnamese cuisine Culture, advanced culture deeply imbued with national identity and traditions[21]. Following the success of "What to Eat", there were many other versions of this song, including the Thai International Version.[22]

On September 10, 2015, Hòa Minzy released the song "Mưa nhớ"(Rainy, missing you), marking the first time combining her and the young musician Tiên Cookie .[23]

2016-2017: First time working as a film director, encroaching the cinema field[edit]

In April 2016, Hòa Minzy participated in the Your Face Sounds Familiar (fourth season) . She is one of the contestants who are highly appreciated right from the beginning. Because of the impressive performances, she gradually captured the heart of the audience and won the Most Favorite Contestant (31.5%)[24]. Also in 2016, Hòa Minzy assumed the role of MC in some Yeah1TV and YanTV programs .[25][26]

On May 31, 2016, on her birthday, Hòa Minzy released a short film and a song called "Vì anh là của em"(Because you are mine) ( Khắc Hưng ). This is a short film, she works as a director, casting , actress , and scenic design... Although the product has a lot of mixed feedback, it is the resulst of the righteous work with her own money.[27]

In November 2016, Hòa Minzy release the song "Sống không hối tiếc" (I'm living my life, without regret) MV, with changes in both style and music. Through this song, Hòa Minzy want to send a message to the young people, this is also a part of her current living statement: " Every mistake can be erased by the positive attitude and desire. You only live once. Youth, It will pass very quickly if we don't know what our purpose and meaning of life is. " At the same time, she officially joined the same company with her teacher - musician Huy Tuấn (Stars Park Entertainment).[28]

Next, Hòa Minzy participated in the horror movie - comedy "Linh Duyên" (Spirit). Movie released on February 24, 2017. Although this is the first time to encroach on the movie industry, Hòa Minzy has proved her ability.[29] Because, perhaps, not many people can recognize the difference in acting between her and the veteran actors in the film.[30]

Opening the 2017 music career, Hòa Minzy released the song and MV "Tìm một nửa cô đơn" (Finding a lonely half) on White Valentine's Day on March 14, 2017, with gentle, profound lyrics and images are invested professionally.[31]

In May 2017, Hòa Minzy appeared in the "Ăn gì đây"(What to Eat)" MV version of Thailand with the famous comedian & Youtuber of Golden Temple - Bie The Ska. This is an MV based version of "Ăn gì đây" - Hòa Minzy ft. Mr. T (released July 2015).[32]

In July 2017, Hòa Minzy participated in Glee Vietnam film (Vietnamized based on Glee (TV series)) as Linh San (Santana Lopez). The first episode aired on August 18, 2017.[33]

2017: Bolero Princess and Hibiscus Family[edit]

In October 2017, Hòa Minzy participated in the 2017 Just the Two of Us (Lyrical & Bolero version), she is getting more and more of the audience's love through sweet performances.[34] After the show, the audience loved calling Hoa Minzy as " Bolero Princess " .[35]

At the end of November 2017, Hòa Minzy and Đức Phúc and Erik had an impressive performance on the MAMA Premiere stage in Vietnam. The mashup version entitled "Better together" is widely shared by the audience and the online community with many compliments and pride .[36] In particular, the "unimaginable" high notes Hòa Minzy performed in the performance really made Vietnamese fans proud and scored in the eyes of international friends.[37] In addition, the trio of Hibiscus family members are also close friends, often helping each other in work and life.[38]

2018-present: Breakthrough with "Rời bỏ"(Leaving) and many million views song[edit]

In January 2018, Hòa Minzy joined Đức Phúc in launching "Thế là Tết "(That is Tết) music video. During the press conference for the release of this MV, she announced: " I don't want to be laughed at by people! I want my song to be on the chart this year, must be a prominent song. If I don't reach my goal, I will stop, do not work art, to find a new way for my self ".[39] That confirmed the determination and seriousness of Hòa Minzy's music , she did not want to continue being attached to the nickname "hot singer without hit" anymore.[40]

April 2018, once again Hòa Minzy joined Đức Phúc but this time it was a soundtrack song entitled "Cứ yêu đi"(Just love!) (OST 100 days with you), this is a composition of young musician Hứa Kim Tuyền. with gentle, easy-listening, easy-going lyrics.[41]

On May 6, 2018, Hòa Minzy released the audio version and the MV of "Rời bỏ"(Leaving), a sad Ballad version of musician Vũ Huy Hoàng. The story in Mv and the song received sympathy from the audience. This is the highest achievement product of Hòa Minzy up to that point. In 2018,[42] "Rời bỏ" achieved many impressive achievements as part of the Top Trending Music Video Vietnam - Youtube Rewind 2018[43] , won Most Favorite Pop/ Ballad Song at the Zing Music Awards .[44] Young audiences and many other artists love to cover "Rời bỏ"(Leaving), not only in Vietnamese but also in English, Thailand, Korean... [45][46]

On July 25, 2018, Hòa Minzy returned to herself in music with the song "Nàng tiên cá"(Mermaid), this EDM song is Children's music. Although mainly for the kids, Hòa Minzy showed herself to be the most crazy mermaid in the Solar System[47][48]

On October 30, 2018, Hòa Minzy released the product "Chấp nhận" (Accept), this is the composition of the young musician An Trịnh. The product was quickly received by the audience and achieved top 1 achievement trending YouTube Vietnam, the audio version also ranked high on the online music charts.[49]

Only in January 2019, Hòa Minzy launched three Viral clip music products, combining with many artists such as Đức Phúc, Justatee, Trường Giang, Only C, Miss Tiểu Vy... These are: "Để khoảnh khắc mãi đong đầy" (Let the moment be full),"Hết mana" (Out of mana), "Tự tin là chính tôi"(Self-confidence be myself). All three products have reached million views after a short time of launch and create a positive effect on social networks .[50][51]

Also in January, Hòa Minzy first took on the role of coaching at game show 'Tuyệt đỉnh song ca nhí', accompanying her on the red team was comedian Huỳnh Lập. On the personal facebook page, the singer shared: "I'm not a coach just for fun, but will affirm my expertise and try to help the children in the team by the best of my ability ".[52]


Abusing of personal relationships to meet the BTS band[edit]

Accidentally appearing in a video from the Korean media-recording ceremony of the Soribada Best K-Music Awards, Hòa Minzy immediately faced opposition, fierce criticism. Then, she had to make the decision to lock up her personal page, to avoid terrible pressure from media and social network .[53][54][55]

The phrase Sasaeng fan, which refers to fans, invades private life, makes the idol uncomfortable, the boycott fan community has now been associated with Hòa Minzy. At the Soribada Best K-Music Awards ceremony held on August 30, 2018, Hòa Minzy - according to the female artist's own disclosure - borrowed an acquaintance with an employee card to enter the backstage area, which was only for artists and those who are in charge.[56][57]

The female singer accidentally "accused" of taking advantage of the relationship to enter an area not intended for fans to satisfy the desire to see idols, specifically the boys of BTS. Soon after, Korean music group fans in Vietnam voiced criticism of Hòa Minzy to violate the artist's life. The act of impersonating behind-the-scenes staff and carrying cameras is like a fan who is ostracized by the Kpop fan community.[58][59]

Among the noises, Hòa Minzy posted an apology clip to BTS and the BTS fan community. She also asked to withdraw from the group's fandom after criticism. Hòa Minzy also stated that she will officially withdraw from the band's fandom, never sharing BTS photos or information on social media.[60][61][62]

Music Product[edit]


Year Title Composed
2014 "Gửi" Nguyễn Duy Anh
"Hãy để con lo"
"Giá như" ft. Nguyễn Minh Cường
"Quay về đi"
2015 "Mưa nhớ" Tiên Cookie
"Tự nhiên buồn" Trịnh Nhật Anh

Music Video (MV)[edit]

Year Title Composed Release date Genres Note
2014 "Thư chưa gửi anh" Nguyễn Hải Phong 07/10/2014 Pop music MV Debut
2015 "Sẽ Chiến Thắng" 09/06/2015 Various Artists/

Seagame cheerleader

"Ăn gì đây" ft. Mr.T, Khắc Hưng 07/07/2015 Rap/

Contemporary folk music

2016 "Ăn gì đây 2" 29/01/2016
"Ăn gì đẩy 3" 12/12/2016 Electronic dance music Viral Clip
"Vì anh là của em" Khắc Hưng 31/05/2016 Pop music Short Film
"Sống không hối tiếc" Rhymastic 21/11/2016 Electronic dance music
2017 "Ăn gì đây (Thai version)" ft. Bie The Ska 29/04/2017 Rap Thailand version
"Tìm một nửa cô đơn" Minh Thụy 14/03/2017 Ballad
2018 "Thế là Tết" (ft. Đức Phúc) Tiên Cookie, Phạm Thanh Hà 16/01/2018 Pop music New Year MV
"Rời bỏ" Vũ Huy Hoàng 06/05/2018 Ballad
"Nàng tiên cá" Châu Đăng Khoa 25/07/2018 Electronic dance music
"Chấp nhận" An Trịnh 30/10/2018 Ballad Leaving part2
"Mặt trời vẫn tới mỗi ngày" Bảo Lan 12/11/2018 Pop music Various Artists/ Viral Clip
2019 "Để khoảnh khắc mãi đong đầy"

(ft. Đức Phúc)

Khắc Hưng 09/01/2019 New Year MV
"Hết mana" ft. Justatee 15/01/2019 Rap Various Artists/ Viral Clip
"Fit me - Tự tin là chính tôi" Only C 29/01/2019 Viral Clip


Year Title Composed Release date Director/Producer Movie's name
2016 "Vì anh là của em" Khắc Hưng 31/5/2016 Hòa Minzy Vì anh là của em
2018 "Cứ yêu đi" (ft. Đức Phúc) Hứa Kim Tuyền 13/4/2018 100 ngày bên em
"Hey Monta!" 18/12/2018 Hoạt hình Monta



Chanels Title Role Note
VTV Star Academy Vietnam Contestant Year- 2014[1]
Bài hát Việt (Vietnamese song) Guests Liveshow 7/ 2014, "Tan vào đêm"[63]
Những bài hát còn xanh (The songs are still green) Contestant Year- 2014[64]
Don’t forget the Lyrics! Guests Broadcast on January 7, 2015[65]
Bài hát yêu thích (Favorite Song) Guests Liveshow BHYT September 2014, August 2015[66]
Ghế không tựa Guests Broadcast on October 18, 2015[67]
Bữa trưa vui vẻ (Happy lunch) Guests Year- 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018
Your Face Sounds Familiar Contestant Year- 2016[68]
Thank God You're Here Guests Season 3 Episode 8, Season 4 Episode 11, Season 5 Episode 13[69]
Just the Two of Us Contestant 2017, Love Version & Bolero[70]
Million Dollar Minute Guests Episode 21[71]
Cầu thủ nhí Nanny Year- 2017, 2018[72]
HTV Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Guests Episode 36[73]
Người hùng tí hon (Little hero) Captain Season 1 2015
Thiên đường ẩm thực (Culinary paradise) Guests Season 2 episode 6
Whose Line is it Anyway? Guests 2016, Episode 7
I Can See Your Voice Guests Season 1 Episode 18, Season 3 Episode 1[74]
Nhanh như chớp (Lightning Quiz) Guests Episode 26[75]
Gương cười Guests Episode 18
THVL Tuyệt đỉnh song ca nhí Coach 2019
YanTV Bếp chiến (Battle in the kitchen) Guests, MC 2015 episode 6/2016, episode 6, 14, 15[76]
Yeah1TV Lớp học vui vẻ (Funny class) Guests Episode 34, 93, 117, 124,140, ​​141, 182 ...
Thực đơn 1102 (Menu 1102) MC 2016, 2017[77]

Short film[edit]

Year Movie's name Role Release date ref
2016 "Vì Anh Là Của Em" Hòa Minzy 31/05/2016 [78]


Year Movie's name Role Release date ref
2017 "Linh Duyên" Hạnh 24/02/2017 [79]


Year Movie's name Role Release date ref
2017 "Glee Vietnam" Linh San 18/08/2017 [80]

Variety shows on V Live[edit]

Chanel Title Role Note
V live Lâu lâu líu lo show Host 2018, the number of episodes broadcast is 12[13]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Awards Categories Recipient Result Note Ref
2010 The Voice of Bắc Ninh Province Final Hòa Minzy Silver medal 2 consecutive years [81]
2011 Final Hòa Minzy Silver medal
2014 Star Academy Vietnam Final Hòa Minzy Champion Vote rate:51,16% [1]
2016 Your Face Sounds Familiar Vietnam Most Favorite Contestant Hòa Minzy Won Vote rate:31,5% [8]
2017 Green Wave Awards Prospective Female Artist Hòa Minzy Won [82]
Just the Two of Us Vietnam Final Hòa Minzy Runner-up With Erik

Đức Phúc

Zing Music Awards Most Favorite Female Artist Hòa Minzy Nominated Top 5 [84]
2018 Zing Music Awards Artist of the year Hòa Minzy Nominated Top 5 [85]
Most Favorite Dance/Electronic Song "Nàng tiên cá" Nominated Top 5
Most Favorite Pop/ Ballad Song "Rời bỏ" Won
Most Favorite Female Artist Hòa Minzy Won
Mai Vàng Prize Mai Vàng Prize for Music Video "Mặt trời vẫn tới mỗi ngày" Nominated Various Artists [86]
Mai Vàng Prize for the Song Nominated


  • The Zing Music Awards is the largest online music award in Vietnam held annually by Zing MP3 since 2010.
  • The Mai Vàng Prize is an annual award to honor artists who have made a positive contribution to art and cultural activities in Vietnam organized by the Laborer Newspaper since 1995. The Mai Vàng Prize predecessor is the most popular award for the selected artist and artist of year, since 1991.


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